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Tackle that Time of the Month

Whether you know it or not, really we're all sensitive (skinned) souls: our skin is reflective of internal goings on, and often never more so than during the dreaded Time of The Month! When acne rears it's ugly head, so many things can contribute to these pesky blemishes and breakouts, including diet, stress, genetics and even the consistency of your skincare routine, but more often than not it's fluctuations in hormones caused by your period which is the main culprit.  These fluctuations in hormones cause the sebum (natural skin oils) levels in your skin to increase, which in excess tends to lead to spots. When acne appears, or if your skin is naturally oily anyway, the temptation  - and outdated 'advice'...

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10 Facts About White Rabbit Skincare!

We hold our hands up: after a wee while, we tend to presume our customers know all about us. But just in case you don't, here's some nuggets of info for you! We are an independent company, started in April 2014 - we're not a franchise, network marketing company, or a reseller of someone else's products!  We were established in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, on the west coast of Scotland, and are still based here today. We love meeting our customers, so if you ever want to pop in to our unit, send us a wee message! We still do everything by hand, from start to finish (product manufacture, packaging, labelling, box packing - even taking orders to the post office...!) White Rabbit...

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Blooming Baby: Pregnancy and Essential Oils

The use of essential oils during pregnancy has long been the source of controversy, and even in this day and age is yet to be fully understood.  Essential oils are liquids containing very concentrated aroma compounds from plants, and the main concern during pregnancy (and especially during the first three months) appears to be the risk of essential oil constituents crossing over into the placenta via absorption by the skin and then bloodstream. Given that we use essential oils of differing kinds in all of our products, we wanted to discuss in today's blogpost if they really do have to be avoided, or if it's an Old Wives' Tale gone mad! Aromatherapy expert Jane Buckle has stated that "the use...

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Guest Blogpost: A White Rabbit Skincare product review - from Germany!

We were very excited when Karoline Matthes offered to photograph our products. And even more so when she gave her opinions on some of the range... I found White Rabbit Skin Care via Instagram. To find out more Information I contacted Melanie, the founder of the company. Melanie is a very kind and caring person, who is very passionate about the environment, animal welfare and the products, which are handmade. White Rabbit Skin Care only uses natural fragrances, natural colours and 100% vegan products. The packaging is recyclable. If you send back your empty cans you can even get a discount for your next order. I really appreciate all of those facts, as I also really care about our environment...

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Guest Blog Post: Vegan Bath Milk Recipe

This week's guest blog post is by the lovely Tamsin. Tamsin lives in rural Suffolk and is an award winning Green Living blogger over at Eco Fluffy Mama. She has a keen interest in the Zero Waste lifestyle, and a slight obsession with menstrual cups. Her hobbies include cold process soaping, crochet, reading and photography. She is a huge sci-fi geek, and an even bigger fan of Amanda Tapping (from Stargate SG1 & Sanctuary), who she's been lucky enough to have had afternoon tea with.  I don't know about you, but I love nothing more than a relaxing bath after a particularly taxing day. I'm quite lazy with moisturizing my body (shhh don't tell anyone!), which doesn't really do me...

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