At White Rabbit skincare, we are passionate about your skin, your wellbeing and the environment. We pride ourselves in using only naturally sourced ingredients in our premium vegan skincare. We love hearing from our loyal customers and any questions that you may have, so we have answered some frequently asked questions below…

Why Vegan?

 Your skin absorbs 60% of products that you put onto it into your body, meaning that the skincare you use can affect your overall health and wellbeing. You wouldn’t drink or eat any harsh chemicals, so why would you then put these on your skin? Using all naturally sourced ingredients that are completely vegan is not only good for your body but amazing for your skin. Using vegan skincare is also amazing for the environment and no animals are ever harmed. Overall, we believe that you should be getting the best quality skincare that is good for you, which is why we believe in being vegan!


Are your products plastic free?

 Our packaging is 99% plastic free which we are aiming to make 100% in the future. Our packaging consists of bamboo and aluminium. Not only that but all our packages that are sent to you are 100% recycled and printed with plant-based ink! We also use 100% biodegradable packaging peanuts which can be used as a composter or thrown into the regular trash that will not cause any contamination.


What are your returns like?

We encourage you to return your used packaging that we can refill. Saving the environment and reducing waste. For every container returned we take 50p off your next order and we cover the costs of the postage. 


Why White Rabbit?

 The colour white represents purity and innocence creating a positive association to anything related to it. We feel that these characteistics are also what White Rabbit skincare represents. Melanie, our founder, loves animals and of course is vegan herself and so she chose the name white rabbit to represent this passion that she has for our premium skincare. Not only that, but she loves Alice and Wonderland, don’t we all?...


Where can I buy White Rabbit skincare?

 The first place you can buy White Rabbit skincare is on our very own website. We also exist on other online platforms such as Notonthehighstreet, etsy, plasticfreedom, greenerbeauty and other online stockists.


How are your products made?

 Our premium skincare products are all made by hand by our highly skilled team and mixed with the best natural ingredients that work wonders for your skin.


Do you use any animal-derived ingredients?

 NO! At White Rabbit, all our products are completely vegan. We believe in the power of plants and so all our products are full of naturally sourced ingredients. No beeswax, parabens, SLS, silicones, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, artificial colours or anything else confusing and synthetic – just plants!


I am new to skincare, where do I start?

 First of all you need to find out what kind of skin you have. You can do this by washing your face free from any products and leaving it for an hour. If your skin feels dry and itchy chances are you have dry skin, if your skin is shiny and oily you probably have oily skin and if your skin is dry in some areas and oily in others you have combinative skin. You can also look at what skin concerns you have whether that be spots, inflammation or anything that makes you feel that could make your skin better. Follow our blog posts for ideas of the best products to use, or use our drop-down menus on our website which has categorised products for each skin type. Don’t worry White Rabbit have you covered and we have made it easy for you. If you have any other questions regarding products or skincare needs feel free to drop us an email at info@whiterabbitskincare.co.ukand we will happily get back to you.


Who are you certified by?

Its no secret that White Rabbit believe in the power of plants and we pride ourselves in providing vegan and cruelty free skincare. We are certified by the vegan society, nature watch, PETA, Made in Britain and Cruelty-free International Leaping Bunny Programme. All of which are recognised bodies that represent everything that White Rabbit stands for, Veganism, cruelty free and protecting our environment.