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World Bee Day - 20th of May

As we all know the world's population is continuing to grow every year, which means that we need even more diverse quality foods to feed the world and give a balanced healthy diet. Believe it or not, the biggest contributor to helping feed the world, is Bees. They pollinate nearly 3/4 of the world's plants, that produce 90% of the world's food. That means a huge third of the world's food produce is dependent on bees. So, bees are essentially a sign of a healthy ecosystem, and are extremely important to us humans.

Bees are becoming increasingly endangered however, with 10% of bees facing extinction and 5% already extinct. This is due to numerous factors including the use of pesticides, climate change, urbanisation with less agricultural space and complications with queen bees.

So, World Bee Day occurs on the 20th of May every year as this is when the Northern Hemisphere sees bees and nature develop and the Southern Hemisphere enters Autumn. This is when hive products are harvested including honey. This day is so important in recognising the importance of bees and educating people on why we need to save and protect them.

We can all do our bit to help save and protect bees and ensure that our worlds food production is preserved, here are some of White Rabbit Skincare's tips on what you can do:

1. Plant nectar producing flowers in your garden.

2. Buy honey and honey-based products from a local beekeeper.

3. Raise awareness, get the conversation going on the importance of bees. Educate children and adults on why we need to save the bees.

4. Only use pesticides that will not harm bees and spray them in windless weather, early morning or night when bees will be retreating from blossoms.

5. Set up a small pollinator farm in your garden, you can make this yourself for purchase from a home-furnishings store.

White Rabbit Skincare understand the importance of protecting our world's eco-systems and doing our bit to protect bees and beekeepers. Global Warming is having an effect on everything we need to survive on this earth and so it is crucial we are all actively doing what we can to protect our planet. Starting with bees is just a small part of this.

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