5 Reasons Why you Should Switch to Cruelty Free Products

So it's 2017 and animal testing is still a thing...why you ask? I have no idea either. 



Here are 5 Reasons why you should switch to cruelty- free products.

1. Animal testing for cosmetics is completely unnecessary.

Recent research has shown that companies can choose from a list of over 7,000 ingredients that have already been proven safe to use on humans. However, according to Cruelty Free International, over 115 million animals per year are being used for animal testing Worldwide. 

So why do companies continue to test on animals?

Well, some companies feel that testing their products on animals proves that their products meet safety requirements. However research has been shown that there are multiple alternatives to animal testing (for example in-vitro tests or artificial tissue). This basically shows us that companies that continue to test on animals are not doing so out of necessity but purely because they want to. 


2. Dogs are one of the most commonly used animals in testing medical experiments -especially beagles.

Yes you heard me right...dogs. One of the most loved pets that we welcome into our homes and treat like a member of our family. Unfortunately some dogs aren't so lucky and are stripped of the basic rights that we allow our pets and treated as laboratory animals because of their kind, caring temperament. 


3. Animals are not scientific experiments

Dogs are not the only animals that are subjected to this horrific abuse. Cats, Rabbits, Rats, Mice and even Primates are locked inside steel cages in laboratories to be poked, prodded and put in extreme pain to feed this multi-million dollar industry. 


4. Thousands of great brands are cruelty free.

Despite some brands such as Mac and Nars still testing their products on animals, there are so many great cruelty free brands that are available to buy in todays market. For example, Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury, Milani, Elf, Lush, The Body Shop etc. 


5. Cruelty free brands are a healthier and more natural option.

There are so many popular mainstream brands that are full of harsh chemicals that are not good for your skin. Switching to cruelty free cosmetics can show you a range of new natural products that are much healthier for you. 


The bottom line is that testing on animals is cruel and totally unnecessary. By supporting these cruelty free brands, you are helping to encourage a change and make a real difference!


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