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Why Vegan?

At White Rabbit all of our beautiful premium skincare products are completely vegan friendly! The benefits that plant based products have on your skin are phenomenal, and we really truly believe in plant power! Thats why we are part of the vegan society!

Why vegan though? what does Veganism do for me? and what does it do for the planet? White Rabbit have answered all of your questions below. 

Why vegan skincare?

In case you didn't know, Your body absorbs 60% of what you put into your skin! So when you are using some skincare products that contain nasty chemicals your body is absorbing this, and who knows the kind of damage this could be doing to your overall health. So, using plant based skincare, your body is absorbing all natural healthy vitamins, antioxidants and minerals leaving your skin glowing!! Basically using vegan skincare takes away the risk of not knowing what you are putting onto and into your body. 

What are the benefits of a vegan diet?

- Following a vegan diet means that you are getting lots of natural nutrients that will help improve your overall health. Most vegan diets are full of vitamins, antioxidants, fibre, potassium, magnesium, and folate meaning that you are getting much more of the nutrients your body needs. Not only that, but it has been proven that following a vegan/vegetarian diet reduces your risk of getting cancer and other diseases.

How does veganism help the environment?

- Cutting out meat and dairy from your diet can drastically reduce your carbon footprint by 73%. The meat industry is responsible for 15% of the worlds greenhouse gases, this is massive! Even following a vegan diet twice a week would dramatically help reduce the effects the meat industry is having on the environment. So, it is said that becoming vegan is the single best way at tackling global warming. 

Veganism is expensive?

People often assume that following a vegan diet is more expensive than a regular diet, however this is not the case. This misconception comes from vegan ready meals and vegan meals in restaurants which are often extremely overpriced. However, a vegan diet consists of lots of fresh fruit and vegetables which can actually be much cheaper than most meats. 


So Why Vegan? Well Veganism has so many benefits for yourself and the environment. We know it may not be for everyone, but making conscious decisions to change even little bits of your diet and lifestyle towards being more plant based can really help! Thats what we call plant power!

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