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Why Cruelty-Free?

Animal testing is still a major issue even in 2021, would you believe it! It's not only carried out by the cosmetics industry, but also in biomedical research, chemical testing and medical testing. The animals used in these experiments are abused and often killed after the experiment has been carried out, and the irony is alternative methods to animal testing are actually much cheaper and faster. So why are major companies still doing it?

White Rabbit Skincare is cruelty free certified and PETA certified, just look for the leaping bunny at the bottom of our website. We believe no animals should be harmed in making our premium skincare products, that are full of natural skincare ingredients. Animals are for loving after all, not harming! If you have different opinions, we are not interested in hearing it, in any circumstance, animal testing should not be allowed!

So, what can you do to help?

Firstly, you can donate to the relevant bodies that help tackle animal testing and cruelty to animals, such as Cruelty Free International or PETA. These organisations help fight against companies that are still using animal testing, and signing petitions as well as donating what you can, can help to close these companies down.

Secondly, be heard! Take issues to twitter and other social media channels, regularly share updates given by PETA and cruelty free international. The more the conversation gets going, the more likely change will happen!

Thirdly, Switch to cruelty-free cosmetics, house hold items and clothing! Boycott brands that are known for being cruel to animals, whether that be testing on them or even using their fur for clothing! Look for the Cruelty Free International leaping bunny or the PETA bunny on the company's website and packaging. If it's there they are all good to use, if not avoid! You can alternatively check both bodies websites to find cruelty free alternative companies that are 100% safe to use!

Many countries around the world have already banned animal testing, such as the European Union, New Zealand, Israel, India, Norway, Switzerland and South Korea! This is telling of really how dangerous and cruel animal testing is! Don't be fooled either, not only is it laboratory animals that are being tested on, dogs and cats are also being tested on! Often cruelty free and more environmentally sustainable products go hand in hand, so going cruelty free is also being more conscious of the environment!

If everyone made a conscious effort to purchase cruelty free products, we could eradicate animal testing completely. Help PETA, Cruelty Free International and other important bodies in winning this fight! Do what you can, at White Rabbit Skincare we definitely are!

Visit peta.org.uk or crueltyfreeinternational.org for more information.

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