Who are we? Our Vision, Values, Mission and Purpose

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Our Team Values

  1. Curious - We are given the right to explore our own passions; seek to find, create and understand new opportunities.
  1. Honest - We are encouraged to be open, transparent and completely ourselves.
  1. Confident - We feel trusted, included and use initiative.
  1. Brave - We stand up for what we believe in, challenging the status quo and bettering the world and the people in it.
  1. Progressive- We have the freedom to grow within ourselves and evolve in the company as it grows.


Team Vision Statement

  1. We will become the skincare industry leader through education in order to promote a more conscious culture – knowledge is power
  1. We will end the use of chemicals, plastics and all testing on animals within the skincare industry – setting precedence
  1. We will become customer’s natural first choice when selecting personal care products
  1. We will become a legacy company which has a long lasting positive impact on customers, employees, and the world!


Brand Vision Statement

We will build a global personal care brand, which encourages a more conscious culture.



  1. Boost confidence
  2. Encourage people to consider their health - inside and out
  3. Save the world!


Team Mission Statement

We will give customers confidence in a more sustainable future


Brand Mission Statement

Be honest and natural from the outset

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