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Who are we? Our Vision, Values, Mission and Purpose


Premium Skincare
Plant based Skincare
Plastic Minimal Skincare
Produced by hand Skincare
Planet Friendly Skincare



    1. Curious - We are given the right to explore our own passions; seek to find, create and understand new opportunities.

     2. Honest - We are encouraged to be open, transparent and completely ourselves.

     3. Confident - We feel trusted, included and use initiative.

     4. Brave - We stand up for what we believe in, challenging the status quo and bettering the world and the people in it.

     5. Progressive- We have the freedom to grow within ourselves and evolve in the company as it grows.



    Founded in 2014, at White Rabbit Skincare we hand-make our carefully curated range of ingredients-led, premium skincare products that are safe for our sensitive skinned customers, and align with their values.

     We source packaging and plant-derived ingredients from UK suppliers we know and trust, and donate to two partnered charities through product sales, supporting communities and creating meaningful relationships.

     With an emphasis on honesty and effectiveness, White Rabbit Skincare exists to create products where passion and purpose come together, and is leading the way with natural, vegan and plastic free skincare products.



    Within White Rabbit Skincare, we value fair compensation, room to grow, training, a healthy, creative work environment, and respect for diversity.

     We are a family-friendly company and promote flexible working, and have established a culture that supports and encourages our team members, so they can provide exceptional service:

    · Open door policy

    · We are present – email and social media will never replace physical presence

    · We spend time with our employees

    · We are fair: we enforce rules uniformly, reward hard work and exceeded expectations the same way for every employee

    · We set reasonable goals and achievable expectations

    · We include employees in important decisions whenever possible.

    · We acknowledge that honesty is the best policy

     We are building a business that is a place where everyone is happy to be working, with people they wanted to work with.

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