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White Rabbit Skincare - What our certifications mean

White Rabbit Skincare is dedicated to giving you the best quality, premium skincare that helps tackle any of your skins needs. All of our stunning products are made from all-natural transformational ingredients that really help your skin glow!
Not only do we make amazing skincare but we want to help educate our customers on why we do what we do. Which is why we are certified by The Vegan Society, Cruelty Free International, PETA, Orangutang Alliance, Made in Britain and the Nature watch Foundation. In gaining these certifications White Rabbit Skincare shows our dedication to creating amazing skincare that is not only good for your skin but good for our planet. Which is why we have put together this blog post to explain what each of these certifications actually mean.
Vegan Logo
The Vegan Society
The vegan trademark on our products certifies that we do not use any animal derived products and that we never have and never will test on animals. The vegan society was the first to define the term Vegan back in 1944 and have worked ever since to help businesses create vegan products. White Rabbit Skincare loves using all-natural ingredients in our skin care which is why our products work so well, however please know that you do not have to be a Vegan to use Vegan Skincare. It's like you're feeding your skin, you're giving it healthy products that are going to nourish and transform.
Cruelty Free International Logo
Cruelty Free International
Cruelty Free International is the world's leaders in ending animal testing worldwide. They work endlessly to expose companies that are animal testing and to investigate them. They also come up with alternative scientific tests to animal testing, that will prevent any animal being used or harmed to test human beauty and medical products. Their leaping bunny logo is the worldwide gold standard for cosmetics, household products and personal care, that are proven to be cruelty free. Having this logo proves that White Rabbit Skincare do not test on animals and that we are not making our own cruelty free claims. It's as simple as that, we really are cruelty free!
Cruelty Free and Vegan Logo
Like Cruelty Free International, PETA aim to end animal testing. They are the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals and dedicate themselves to protecting the rights of all animals. This is yet another recognisable gold standard logo that proves that White Rabbit Skincare are completely cruelty free, and believe in the protection of all animals!
Orangutan Alliance CPOF Logo
Orangutan Alliance
The Orangutan Alliance is a registered charity who are working to reduce to production of non-sustainable palm oil. Non-sustainable palm oil production is causing mass deforestation which is aiding the endangerment of species such as orangutans. In creating palm oil free skincare products, White Rabbit Skincare is helping the cause and protecting endangered species from becoming extinct.
Made in Britain logo
Made In Britain
The made in Britain trademark, does exactly what it says. It proves that all White Rabbit Skincare products are made in Britain. This is important to us as we want to support all British Manufacturers and provide high quality skincare that hasn't had to be shipped in from other countries.
Nature foundation animation welfare logo
Naturewatch Foundation
The Naturewatch foundation is an organisation that offers a voice for animals. They want to educate and end animal cruelty. Like PETA and Cruelty Free International they want to end animal testing, and protect animals. Which is why White Rabbit Skincare are also certified by this amazing body.
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