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Where do you keep your skincare? Does it matter?

Where do you keep your skincare? and do you think it really matters where its stored? White Rabbit have the answers to your question...

 Skincare in the bathroom

Do you keep your skincare lying out on top of your counter in your bathroom, well you are potentially ruining your products. The steam from your shower or bath could make your skincare mouldy and damaged. Thats why we recommend keeping your skincare out of the bathroom, however if this is the only place you can store it, try keeping it in a cupboard or cabinet to prevent and steam getting to it. 

Keeping your skincare in the fridge?

Beauty fridges appear to be a new trend that many people are going crazy for. Whilst keeping your skincare in the fridge is good for calming properties and reducing puffiness, it is not exactly essential. We love to keep our Double-ended Jade Roller and Coconut and Rosehip calming cream in the fridge, purely for the soothing properties after a long day. However I can't say we would be rushing out to buy a completely new mini fridge. 

Dry Cool place

Your optimum storage space for skincare products is going to be a dry and cool place. That could be in a cupboard in your bedroom or if your are lucky to have a dressing room, in a box with a lid or again a cupboard. Keep all of your skincare products out of direct sunlight to prevent them heating up and spoiling. 

Freezing temperatures?

In the winter, if you maybe keep some skincare in the garage or somewhere that the cold temperatures can reach we advise you move your products. Freezing temperatures can be just as damaging to your skincare products as overheating, ruining the consistency of the product and the goodness that it does for your skin. So, just be careful where you are keeping your skincare. 


So yes, whilst it is important where you keep your skincare it doesn't have to be complicated. We recommend a dry cool place always that optimally is dark (cupboard, box with lid) and only some products in the fridge, purely for its soothing properties. Always avoid the bathroom, direct sunlight and freezing temperatures. See, easy. 


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