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Top 5 tips for looking after your skin in winter

Top 5 tips for looking after your skin in winter.

It should be no surprise if your skin is feeling dry and sensitive these days. Cold weather and low humidity results in dry air, which steals the moisture away from your skin. We can continue to blame these weather changes or we can do something about it? Follow these five easy expert tips to help your skin survive the winter, and look and feel it’s best.

Step 1:

 Ditch the facial wipes and pick up a facial cleanser:

 As the cold weather and dry air takes all of the moisture out of your skin it is so important you incorporate some really hydrating products into your regime.

As some products such as harsh facial wipes can strip the skin of it’s natural oils, introducing a natural, moisturising cleanser will keep your complexion looking fresh and healthy. Our Lime & Coconut Cleansing water is the freshest method of removing your makeup.

Step 2:

Keep away from fake tan:

 If you can’t kiss the sun kissed glow goodbye for winter then look for tanning products that are designed for sensitive skin. Self-tan can be so drying and cause clogged pours.

Step 3:

 Moisturize very well.

 Some moisturizers are known to contain petroleum-based ingredients that can actually dry out your skin even more so, investing in a good one that suits your skin is one of the most vital parts of a winter skincare routine. When choosing a moisturiser, look for natural ingredients. Our Day Cream contains a blend of rose and frankincense which will moisturise and soften whilst effectively boosting skin-cell regeneration from the base oils.

 Step 4:

 Wash in lukewarm water.

 Hot water will strip the oils from your skin and in these cold months your face needs all of the oils it can get. Try your best to stay away from hot water especially when you are washing your face and hands.

 Step 5:

 Add a serum into you routine.

 In winter months, use a serum as well as a moisturizer to ensure your skin gets enough oils to prevent dryness. We recommend using your serum underneath your moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.


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