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The Worth of Water: Cleansing Waters Explained


Is it too much to ask? A cleanser which removes ALL makeup, but doesn't strip the skin in the process?

Enter stage left: cleansing waters. Created to cleanse, hydrate and prevent dry, dull complexions which are often caused by hard (charged with a high quantity of dissolved minerals) tap water. The minerals in hard water can sometimes alter skin's natural protective barrier, leaving it susceptible to pollution and environmental damage. 


How does a cleansing water work?

Don’t let the word water fool you—this cleanser is far more effective than your average tap or bottled water!

Along with soft water molecules (in our Lime and Coconut Cleansing water we used deionised water, as well as Orange Floral Water), these specialist cleansers contain tiny balls of natural oils (such as coconut) which are attracted to dirt, makeup and oil molecules on your skin's surface, making the impurities easy to remove without stripping the skin, or disturbing it's natural pH.


Can anyone use a cleansing water?

One word: yes!

They can used by all skin types - even you sensitive souls! - and they are very readily available (so no need to scour specialist shops). 

They are also ideal for on the go, as they remove makeup and cleanse with out the need to rinse - perfect for holidays, your gym bags - even festivals!


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