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The truth of our Vegan Skincare Glycolic cleanser - not something to be feared!

It seems to be that the minute anyone hears about a skincare product that involves acid they immediately write it off as unnatural and chemically derived. This is not the case! well at least at White Rabbit its not, as you all know we champion ourselves as having naturally sourced ingredients and providing luxury vegan skincare that is good for you! So believe and trust us when we say, a glycolic cleanser is a must have and not a product that should be avoided!


Glycolic Acid is derived from the natural substance - sugar cane. Yes it really is that simple, no strange chemicals or something that is produced in a lab! Its natural structure basically breaks down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, gently exfoliating the skin to reveal its healthy natural glow beneath. 


Our Lavender & Apricot Glycolic cleanser is the ultimate addition to your skincare routine, which will definitely leave your skin smooth soft and clear. It can be used on any skin - even sensitive skin! It's rejuvenating properties will give your skin a new lease of life!!

We do recommend however when using our glycolic cleanser to begin using it a couple of times a week until your skin is used to it and then gradually use it more and more often! 


See theres no need to fear a glycolic cleanser, embrace it and embrace your revitalised skin! You can thank us later... 


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