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The Importance of sleep

Following on from last weeks blog post on national stress awareness day, we got thinking about how important it is to look after our overall wellbeing. Getting a good nights sleep can make all the difference to your mental and physical state, and so White Rabbit have put together out top tips on getting a good nights sleep.

1. Stay Active

Staying active essentially will tire you out into getting a good nights sleep. Whilst being active has its multiple benefits, it also works wonders on your sleep pattern and even on your mental health. Daily exercise even a walk will help you feel less sluggish and overall motivated, helping you get a good nights sleep.

2. Have a routine

Getting yourself into a bed time routine is the easiest way to train your body into knowing when its time to unwind and get to sleep. Having the same bed time and getting up time every day will work wonders on your bodies clock and help it know when to fall asleep, giving you a better refreshed nights sleep. Remember oversleeping is just as bad as not getting enough sleep so waking up at the same reasonable time every day will leave you refreshed and motivated. 

3. Unwind, relax and get out of your head

The hardest part to do before bed time is to unwind and clear your head for a good nights sleep. Often we can keep ourselves up at night thinking about any jobs we have left to do or any worries we may be facing. Going for a hot bath or reading a book or just doing anything that helps you unwind at night will help you fall asleep and get a better nights sleep. It also works wonders for your stress levels. 

4. Avoid lying on your phone all night

A problem I am very guilty of is lying on my phone before bed. Staring at a bright lit screen and being on social media constantly can really affect how you sleep at night. I also end up loosing track of time when I'm on my phone and end up going to sleep at a much later time. Trust me, your phone is no good to you at bed time, turn on your do not disturb and leave it. 

5. Be careful what you eat and drink

Try avoid lots of caffeine during the day and before bed. Drinking lots of caffeine can still have effects on your hours later, keeping you awake at night. Whilst we all love a coffee or tea try keep it to the mornings or avoid completely. Alcohol is another sleep blocker, minimise your alcohol intake and drink it in moderation. We all know how tired we are the next day after a big night out, the reason for that is alcohol. Finally foods to avoid before bed are anything really sugary or fatty. Even spicy foods can keep you up at night. So try have your dinner early evening so that you can get a better full nights sleep. 


Getting a good nights sleep is so important to your wellbeing, and White Rabbit know this, so follow our top tips and sweet dreams... 

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