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The Impact of Single use Cosmetic Items - How to become plastic free

How many single-use cosmetic products are you using every day, that you don't know where it ends up after disposing of it. Well, the answer is landfill sites. Single-use cosmetic products can range from sheet masks, to cotton buds and even face wipes. They are often not biodegradable and so will lie in landfill sites for months and even years! Shampoo and Conditioner bottles, mascara wands and even eyeshadow palettes are also all examples of cosmetic products with a small lifespan that wind up in landfill sites after use.

8 million pieces of plastic enter the worlds oceans every day! which directly affects the sea-life and pollutes our waters. It can even take 450 years for one plastic bottle to disintegrate and even at that there will always be micro plastic particles left, and so really it is never fully gone. 

So how do we adopt a plastic free beauty routine, that will benefit our skin and our environment?

First of all, do your research, know what the packaging of cosmetics products are that you are using, and understand how much plastic they are made from. Try stay away from single-use products such as face wipes and sheet masks, there are plenty of available alternatives to these. Shampoo bars are also a strong alternative to plastic shampoo bottles, and swapping your plastic toothbrush for a wooden one can also make the difference. 

At White Rabbit Skincare, we are about 99% plastic free and are hoping to become 100% plastic free in the future. All of our packaging is either made from Bamboo or Aluminium. We believe in giving you plastic free beauty products that are vegan and cruelty free, so that you can have the best guilt free skincare routine! Instead of using Face wipes, why not try our Eucalyptus and Lavender cleansing balm or our Lime and coconut cleansing water which can be used on the go for convenience. Both are enriched with natural skincare ingredients that will help your skin glow! Why not try our plastic free Aloe & Rose Healthy hydration face mask which is a pink clay mask, this is a great alternative to a sheet mask! 

Whilst plastic in landfill sites and in our oceans are a huge problem, the solution starts with every individual doing their bit. If we all swap our single use plastic cosmetic products for more sustainable packaged products, we are not only benefitting the environment we are benefitting ourselves by making a difference. 


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