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Blog — save the planet

Product Focus: Olive & Avocado Serum

Melanie Blane Cruelty Free olive and avocado product focus routine save the planet serum skin benefits skin friendly skincare skincare routine vegan

Product Focus: Olive & Avocado Serum

The topic of serums is somewhat of a grey area, metaphorically speaking, as they are often another product that people wonder if they really need.  Plus there is often confusion as to what a serum actually IS - is it an extra moisturiser (which leads to the question as to whether they are really necessary, if you already use another day/night cream), or is it a facial oil...the questions continue!  In a nutshell however, a serum delivers powerful ingredients to the skin through very small quantities - each drop you use contains densely packed molecules which are absorbed deeper and faster...

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Humble Bumble...saving our bees

Melanie Blane bees environment honey bees nature planet earth save the planet vegan

Humble Bumble...saving our bees

Ok so you might ask what have Bees got to do with skincare, but in actual fact, they have a lot to do with nearly EVERYTHING on our planet!  Bees play an incredibly important part in pollination, particularly in agriculture. Cereal crops are wind pollinated, but virtually all fruit and vegetables are pollinated by insects; nearly entirely by bees. It has been estimated that one third of ALL the food we eat relies on pollination by bees, or 70 out of the 100 crop species that feed 90% of the population. If there were no bees, in the immediate short term...

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