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Product Focus: Olive & Avocado Serum

The topic of serums is somewhat of a grey area, metaphorically speaking, as they are often another product that people wonder if they really need. 

Plus there is often confusion as to what a serum actually IS - is it an extra moisturiser (which leads to the question as to whether they are really necessary, if you already use another day/night cream), or is it a facial oil...the questions continue! 

In a nutshell however, a serum delivers powerful ingredients to the skin through very small quantities - each drop you use contains densely packed molecules which are absorbed deeper and faster than a standard moisturiser, and so will last you longer too! 

Serums are to be used after cleansing/toning and before your moisturiser stage (whether day or night cream), to help undo previous damage or work on troublesome issues including ageing, sun damage or dehydration.

A common question is whether a serum can be used in place of a moisturiser - it's personal preference really. Serums do contain moisturising ingredients to help skin retain hydration, but they work deep down in the skin's layers, and if you have particularly dry skin you might find that using an additional cream helps create a type of hydrating barrier in the upper layers, to keep all the good stuff in! 

Our own Olive and Avocado Serum contains 4 key ingredients (we don't believe in filler ingredients here at White Rabbit Skincare!) which we specifically chose for their healing properties and effectiveness:

  • Olive Squalane
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Neroli Essential Oil

Olive Squalane (derived from olive oil) is the majority ingredient in our serum, as it is a natural emollient and lubricant which is very similar to the skin's own oils/sebum, and as such is very compatible and easily absorbed by the skin. Also referred to as liquid gold (although the colour can vary from almost clear to a rich golden yellow, depending on the source!), our bodies actually produce squalane, but the production of this diminishes from our twenties onwards. Using squalane helps provide intense moisture and thus slow skin ageing, and due to the anti-oxidants it contains it also protects against free radicals. 

Further benefits include: 

  • Increased skin suppleness, elasticity and flexibility
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles
  • Ultra-sensitive skin relief
  • Easily absorbed and does not leave an oily residue
  • New cell growth
  • Helps with many skin conditions including psoriasis, dermatitis, dry/rough skin. 

So you've read the benefits, treated yourself to some serum - but how do you use it? Depending on how dehydrated your skin is, you can use it once or twice a day, either alone (even on an as-and-when required basis to really spot-treat problem areas) or under your moisturiser. It also makes an ideal primer under makeup (dry patches for makeup to cling to will be banished!), and can even be used on dry cuticles, or on the end of your hair! 

Are you a fan of Serum? Or do you think you'll be tempted to try it now? 

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