New Year, New Skincare!

Happy New Year Everybody! 

With a new year often comes resolutions and goals (go to the gym more, eat less chocolate, stop smoking...any of these sound familiar?!), but have you considered a resolution relating to your skin care? 

Fun Fact (we love 'em): your skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs a whopping 60% of what you put onto it into your bloodstream, so a good skincare routine is not only beneficial externally, but internally - if naturally-derived products are used - too! 

Skincare is not a modern phenomenon: there are documented accounts from ancient Egypt of Cleopatra's anti-aging methods, the Romans would regularly bathe in soaps, and in Ancient Greece athletes would bathe in Olive Oil and dust their bodies with fine sand to protect their skin from the sun. 

We often hear people say "i've used soap and water for years and my skin is fine", but with the stresses of modern day living, this outlook will not adopt to or protect against the ever-changing stresses our skin is under, and therefore in time, this 'neglect' will become apparent (premature wrinkles anyone?).

Skin that is well nourished and protected from pollution, UV rays and other environmental/lifestyle elements will remain healthier for longer, and the results will be visible in both the short and long term.

Generally a good skincare routine should comprise of a cleanser (such as our Comfort Cleansing Balm, which when used in conjunction with the face cloth also gently exfoliates and removes dry skin cells), toner, serum and moisturiser (for these winter months when skin can get particularly dry, we're big fans of our Rose & Frankincense Day Cream).

The earlier good skincare habits are adopted, the better the skin's overall condition will be as it ages. 

So make a new skincare regime one of your resolutions, and your skin will thank you for it next New Year!

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