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Slugging - The skincare trend of 2022

This could be the secret to lasting, hydrated, glowing skin!

Slugging took to the stage a few years ago and thanks to social media, it's back baby!

If you are into skincare, you might have already heard about it as it was advertised by K- beauty. However, the method has been around for centuries and many cultures already do it as part of their healthy skincare routine. But, if this is your first time hearing about it or maybe you need a little update, I have you covered!

What is slugging?

Slugging will make you look and feel like a little slug as it is the act of slapping on a layer of petroleum jelly as the last step of your nighttime skincare routine.

People believe that the jelly helps to lock in moisture from other products you previously applied.

By preventing water loss in the skin, much more moisture is trapped in the skin thus keeping it moist and healthy.

Think of it like a nighttime face mask that will prevent dry morning skin!


What type of skin is slugging good for?

Now as you can imagine if you have oily or acne prone skin, this won't be the best treatment for you as the oil will clog up your pores. But maybe try it and see, sometimes the skin is surprising!

However, where are my dry skin friends at?

This technique may be great for you to stay hydrated and lock in essential oils that are good for your skin!


Is it safe to use petroleum jelly?

As it is petroleum, people often worry as to whether this is safe to apply to your skin or not. The American Academy of Dermatology states that petroleum jelly is great for soothing dry lips! It's also safe to use on a baby's skin and is great for those with eczema.

Mainly, it will be whether you want to put up with the grease feeling on your face. Some find it too occlusive for their tastes and prefer to have a clean dry feeling, so it's all up to personal choice.

Since I have dry skin I am all for feeling a little greasy as that's opposite to how I usually feel.

My skin, at last, says "Ahhhh"


Does slugging work?

According to the experts, yes it does! The mayo clinic state that petroleum jelly insulates the skin while sitting on top of it.

This is also a great trick to use during cold winter months while the weather makes skin dryer and less able to produce moisture.

How would I add petroleum jelly to my skincare routine?

I know what it's like when you have finally found a good routine that suits your skin type, the last thing you'll want to do is change it!

So here is a little idea so that I don't upset your current way of night-time skincare!

Step 1 -  Cense your skin

First! You'll want an amazing cleanser to remove any make-up and environmental effects your skin took on during the day!

Personally, I would look no further than White Rabbit Skincares's lush Lime and Coconut make-up remover cleanser.

Made with all natural ingredients, this cleanser is brilliant at removing all the dirt and leaving you with a bright gorgeous face after!

2- Tone!

Growing up I remember how much my Mother wanted to pass on her good skincare routine to me. So every time I go through these steps in my head I can still hear her saying "Cleanse tone and moisturise, Mary-Anne!"

3- You guessed it, moisturise!

For combination skin, try the Lavender and Eucalyptus balm. So calming!

For Dry skin, try the Rose and Orange nighttime cream.

And for Oily skin, go for the coconut and rosehip calming cream!

4- Add a layer of petroleum jelly to your face.

Make sure not to use any fancy pillowcases this night as some of the grease will probably get on it!

The next day once you have woken, have a look at your skin and evaluate how it looks and feels.

Maybe try it for a few days in a row and see if your skin is benefiting.

You'll be able to tell whether your skin is looking great so maybe do this routine every night or every other night.

Or, that could be too much for your skin type and it would benefit more from once or twice a week.


Once you have tried it, let me know below how slugging worked out for you!

Can't wait to hear from my future slugs!

Until next time,

Mary-Anne x

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