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Skincare Secrets from Sustainable Skincare Brand Founder

…I’m Melaine, Founder and CEO of White Rabbit Skincare, here are my very own skincare secrets!

Self-Care has been foundational to my success. Meditation, diet, exercise and general health best practices all play important roles in my Self-Care routine but in this article, I’m gonna share my Skin-Care secrets; and how they boosted my confidence on both the inside and outside - helping me get White Rabbit Skincare where it is today!

Scheduling the Work Week

A Solid Routine

  • The entrepreneurial life, much like skincare, doesn’t stop at just one session. Just like I’ve established a solid and scheduled routine in my professional life, I also have a solid and scheduled skincare routine. 

    This is because; much like your work life, skincare results don’t always happen overnight. You need to be patient and consistent with your skin and body and give it the nurture it deserves, that’s why establishing (and committing to) a skincare routine is one of the best ways to ensure your skin is in the best of health.

    The White Rabbit Skincare range is tailored to your routine from day to night and is compatible with your very own unique skin type. We’re by your side to help you start your routine the best way. 

Balanced Diet for Great Skincare

A Balanced Diet

  • I’m personally a vegan, and although that diet may not suit everyone, it has the advantage of ensuring that all my meals comprise of organic and whole foods, which are essential for skin health and restoration.

    You don’t necessarily have to become a vegan to enjoy the trappings of a balanced diet, however ensuring that you eat as many organic and raw ingredients in your meals as you can is a great way to improve your skin’s health.

    However, vegan or not, you’ll be happy to know that our products are 100% vegan and naturally derived. Meaning that you get to enjoy a natural, sustainable skincare regime alongside your diet.

Yoga for Reduced Stress

A Low-Stress, Healthy Lifestyle

  • Being a businesswoman, and founder of White Rabbit Skincare, workdays and workweeks can get inevitably stressful. 

    Too much stress is detrimental to our overall health and can initially factor into unhealthy skin. Rashes, skin irritation, vitiligo (a genetic condition where patches of pale, white skin develop on your body) and much, much more are skin conditions that arise when your body has to process too much stress.

    Maintaining a healthy, low-stress lifestyle can involve meditation, yoga, exercise, ‘me-time’, time with family and friends and most importantly knowing when to take a break. I tend to afford myself at least 20 minutes on even the busiest of days to take part in a ‘wind down’ nighttime skincare routine using the Rose & Orange Rejuvenating Night Cream Moisturiser, so my skin can recover overnight and I can relax in a complete and restorative sleep. 


Rose & Orange Rejuvenating Night Cream Moisturise

But things weren’t always smooth sailing, here’s my candid breakdown of my very own Skincare struggles that you may have experienced yourself! My psoriasis was what compelled me to start my skincare journey and start-up White Rabbit Skincare.

I’m no different to you! If you can relate to my story, and want the solution that I and my team have worked so hard to develop, click here to see our range!

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