Product Focus: It's All About M.E. Night Cream - White Rabbit Skin Care

Product Focus: It's All About M.E. Night Cream

White Rabbit Skincare It's All About M.E. Night Cream

Do I really need a night cream? What's the difference?

Using a specific night cream should be an integral part of your skincare routine once you reach your 30's - if not before (prevention is better than cure, after all!). Your skin begins to show the first signs of ageing around this age: fine lines, dull patches, and the skin becomes drier and less elastic, and night creams are specifically designed to nourish your skin and help combat these problems. 

Moreover, it has been proven that skin loses more essential moisture at night, and it's ability to absorb key nutrients peaks here, therefore you should help skin restore itself by applying a cream which is nourishing, moisturising and as such, anti-aging. 

At night time your moisturiser is also able to repair damage caused by free radicals, makeup, air pollution and the sun's rays. 

What's so special about White Rabbit Skincare Night Cream?

As well as being packed full of fantastic natural ingredients (which we'll get onto in a second!), our night cream is pretty special because, as the name suggests, we donate £1 from every pot sold to the M.E. Association.

As you can read from the website listing, M.E. is a very under-reserached condition and it affects a huge amount of people - often without them knowing they have it. Melanie's Aunt Karen is currently living with this debilitating condition, and we wanted to help in any small way we could by donating to the cause. 

But this night cream also does good for your skin - not just for charity - thanks to the combination of ingredients we use:

  •  Rose Floral Water - soothings, regenerates the skin, hydrating, refreshing - and smells amazing! 
  • Orange Floral Water - encourages the skin's circulation and has skin rejuvenating properties.
  • Mango Butter - Packed full of natural anti-oxidants and is deeply moisturising 
  • Glyceryl Sterate & PEG 100 - vegetable-derived emulsifier which helps combine water and oils. 
  • Shea Butter - moisturising and regenerating, and penetrates the skin without clogging pores. 
  • Grapeseed Oil - very rich in vitamin E, lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin. 
  • Jojoba Oil - often known as the 'Skin God', jojoba oil mimics the skin's natural sebum and so is very compatible with it. Nourishes, moisturises and protects. 
  • Linseed Oil - Also known as Flaxseed oil, Linseed oil is incredibly high in anti-oxidants and natural omega oils which help control inflammation. 
  • Sodium Benzoate & Potassium Sorbate/Dehydroacetic Acid & Benzyl Alcohol - organic origin/vegetable derived preservatives. We are required by law to use a preservative in any water-containing product. 
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil - Boosts circulation and helps with skin detoxification 
  • Patchouli Essential Oil - An oil with a distinct scent (which coincidentally matures with age), patchouli essential oil regenerates skin tissue and helps with acne, sores or rough/dry skin.

Who is it suitable for and how do I use it?

All skin types - including sensitive - who are looking for intense hydration. 

To apply, simply take a small amount (it's easier to add more than it is to take away!), heat up on your fingers, then gently apply over cleansed skin, including down the neck before bedtime. 

 Our night cream is priced at £20.00 for 100ml, and can be purchased through our website and other retail outlets. 

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