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Product Focus: Comfort Cleansing Balm

Comfort Cleansing Balm
Comfort Cleansing Balm
Comfort Cleansing Balm
Comfort Cleansing Balm
Comfort Cleansing Balm

What is a cleansing balm, we hear you ask, and do I really need one?

We'd like to think so.

If you want great skin, a proper skincare routine is a must, and generally in the UK the old cleansing/toning/moisturising routine is as second nature to us as brushing our teeth, and is rapidly becoming more of an indulgent experience than just a daily chore. 

Our rich Comfort Cleansing Balm does a triple duty in effectively removing dirt, grime and makeup whilst protecting the skin's moisture balance, AND gently exfoliates when used in conjunction with a soft facial flannel (you get one of these free from us when you buy your cleansing balm, FYI...).

Moreover, balms are very effective because of the various oils (carrier and essential) in the formula which latch onto dirt, grime and makeup and break down these pesky particles, making them easier to lift off your face.  The oils in the balm grab excess sebum on the skin (remember from chemistry class, “like attracts like”), whisking away extra oil that can lead to clogged pores and breakouts, and giving you that lovely soft glow! 

The extra beauty of cleansing balms is that they are applied to dry skin - and yes you can whack them straight on top of makeup (if you don't mind the panda look or if you're in a particular rush to get into bed!) - and massaged in with fingertips, allowing the balm to work its magic, and stimulate skin circulation for that extra glow boost! You then wipe the balm away using a face cloth which has been soaked in hand-hot water and wrung out, to deliver a level of exfoliation to your skin which is gentle enough to do every day, and provides a deep clean without stripping the skin of either moisture or essential oils - perfect if you find your usual cleanser dries your skin out. 

We have been very lucky that skin care extraordinaire Caroline Hirons reviewed our cleansing balm (in the old packaging!) and compared it to the established Eve Lom Cleansing Balm! You can read her review here

We believe you'll really look forward to using our Cleansing Balm, and by taking time to focus on your skin, you'll soon have the complexion you've always wanted! 

Comfort Cleansing Balm is available in a very generous 100ml size with FREE face cloth, priced at £15.00. 


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