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Plant-Based Skincare Brands like ours are disrupting Supermarket Giants

Small and mighty Sustainable Skincare brands are taking the market by storm! 

Gone are the days when faceless suits and ties controlled the world of Skincare, Beauty and Cosmetics. 

Sustainable Skincare SMBs like ours are actively shaking things up in the industry.  ‘OBVS’ Skincare (Organic, Biodegradable, Vegan, Sustainable) is a new contender in the world of Skincare, and it’s toe-to-toe with supermarket giant ‘Waitrose’ for the prestigious  ‘Best of Organic Market’ awards.

Here’s what it Means for You - 

More Affordable Sustainable Skincare Options - As infamously up-market supermarkets like Waitrose are now in competition with locally owned Sustainable Skincare brands, ‘high-end’ skincare is ditching the ‘high-end’ price point. White Rabbit Skincare makes a point to ensure that our price point is reasonable and accessible, we offer premium quality plant-based skincare products without the luxury price tag. What’s more? We have a sale on one of our most popular day cream moisturisers! Get yours while you can. 

Beauty and Cosmetics

A Perspective Shift in the World of Beauty & Cosmetics - More Skincare Options tailored to your needs will now come to market as real personalities that care about you are behind SMB Skincare Brands. Gone are the days when faceless and corporate round tables of suits ran the skincare industry, and in are the days when skincare brand founders are transparent, community-driven, fun-loving and engage directly with their customers. 

A decade ago a skincare brand CEO wouldn’t be found dead doing a Q&A, engaging in giveaways and competitions with their community. However, our very own CEO Melaine puts the ‘Tribe’ first! See what she’s up to on our Instagram, and if you’re interested - join our ‘Tribe’ as a collaborator on Shopify!

More 100% Vegan, Natural Products you can Trust - At White Rabbit Skincare we use absolutely zero animal-derived products - making our range completely vegan. More and more skincare brands are taking this direction, so if you’re a vegan you can rest easy (the future is bright). 

But we also make a point to go a step further with 100% Natural Products, all the ingredients we use are always unrefined, unprocessed and largely organic. This is done to the point where no two batches of our products are the same, (and are just as unique as you are) you can find out more about how our Plant-Based Skincare range has natural variation here. 

Sustainability can Start Small

Proof that Sustainability Can Start Small - Sustainable Skincare Startups and SMBs like ours are disrupting the false narrative that Sustainability is a niche that’s difficult to develop into a business and that you need access to corporate resources to make a start. 

Our founder started White Rabbit Skincare based on the fact that there were no prescribed or off-the-shelf cures for psoriasis; something she was suffering from in 2014. On her journey, inspired by apothecary gardens of old she set out to develop a range of natural, vegan and sustainable skincare products that are making a big impact in the world of skincare, and leaving behind a minimal imprint on our planet. Thus came White Rabbit Skincare’s Eco-Friendly skincare range!

Spread the love and the message by gifting a plant-based skincare set to your bestie!

So what are you waiting for? Shop our Eco-Friendly Skincare Range Today to be part of this disruptive and sustainability-forward movement in Skincare!

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