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Packaging in the Skincare Industry isn’t just about the Looks

At White Rabbit Skincare, we pride ourselves on selling luxurious, quality products, and as part of this we put care into every aspect of our orders- including the packaging we use.

Packaging helps skincare companies ensure their products are protected from damage and remain fresh, and the design and materials are also important for making the products look quality and stand out- but beyond this, the packaging used by skincare companies also tells you a lot about their brand’s commitment to sustainability.

At White Rabbit, we’ve been very clear about how much we care about the planet and reducing our environmental impact as much as possible, but while this is usually described through the lens of the ingredients we use, it’s also reflected in how we package our products.


White Rabbit Packaging


Why is Packaging so Important for Skincare Products?

Skincare products are often made with delicate ingredients that can be easily damaged by exposure to air, light, and moisture. Packaging helps to protect these ingredients and extend the shelf life of the products.

Packaging also plays a role in preventing contamination. Skincare products can come into contact with bacteria and other germs from the environment, so it's important to use packaging that can keep them clean and safe.




Sustainability in our Packaging

With the impact of climate change being more prevalent than ever, it’s so important right now to use sustainable materials.

The skincare industry as a whole is unfortunately a pretty major polluter, but by minimising the environmental impact that products are having at every stage (from production to packaging to shipping), we believe the industry can change this.


How White Rabbit does things differently

It’s well known that all of the White Rabbit range uses natural and sustainable ingredients which are good to your skin and to the environment- but what about our packaging?

For our orders, we use starch-based packaging peanuts which can be easily dissolved to eliminate waste, as well as bamboo, one of the fastest growing and most sustainable natural materials on the planet. We also have options for shipping products unboxed for those who wish to avoid unnecessary excess packaging.

We have been certified as microplastic and palm oil free, and we even run a return, reuse, recycle scheme that allows customers to return empty jars and bottles to us, refunding the cost of standard packaging and giving them 50p back per item!

If you want to learn more about how White Rabbit’s sustainable packaging, please visit our website.

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