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Our 4 Glowing Skin Top Tips

We all know that the best makeup we can wear, is great skin! So White Rabbit have prepared a guide to getting the ultimate glowing skin, so that you will not want to cover it up! 

Top Tip 1 -

HYDRATE!! Its simple, ensuring that you drink plenty of water everyday will help your skin show its natural radiance in its best form! The cheapest and easiest addition to your daily skincare routine.

Top Tip 2 - 

Exfoliate a couple of times a week. Exfoliating helps your skin get rid of any dead skin cells that may be causing dullness to your skin. So, exfoliating will bring out the natural glow of your skin and keep the skin rejuvenated and bright. Try White Rabbits vegan lavender & apricot glycolic cleanser, which will exfoliate and cleanse your skin gently giving it a soft smooth surface. 

Top Tip 3 - 

Cool the skin down - Using our double ended jade roller after leaving it to cool down in the fridge is the ideal way to get rid of puffiness and reduce inflamed areas, helping unleash that natural glow! Alternatively you can rub ice cubes over your face to help reduce puffiness after a flight.

Top Tip 4 -

Moisturise moisturise and moisturise! The right face mask can help boost your skins natural glow and leave your skin super hydrated. Our Aloe & Rose healthy hydration mask is the ideal addition to your skincare routine. Full of natural vegan skincare ingredients after using this mask your skin will look radiant and glowing. Follow up with the right moisturiser and your glowing skin is a go!

At White Rabbit our vegan skincare products are full of natural ingredients that will really help benefit your skin, so team our amazing products with our top tips and we are sure you will have super glowing skin in no time!


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