National Stress Awareness Day 2020 - White Rabbit Skin Care

National Stress Awareness Day 2020

This year has been extremely overwhelming and has effected every single person in different ways. Your overall wellness is massively effected by your mental health - which is why it is important that understand stress and the ways we can manage it. Especially with the current state of the world, we want you to feel safe and a little less alone so, White Rabbit have put together a guide with some tips on helping you manage stress and understand it better. We got you...

1. Be Active

For us, a great way to relieve stress is by hitting the gym or just simply going a fresh walk. Exercising releases positive chemicals to your brain which will in turn make you feel much better and more positive. Whilst exercising will not cure stress, it can massively help calm you down and see things with more clarity. 

2. Manage your time - Learn to say no

A problem many of us fall into is overloading ourselves - I know i can be extremely guilty of this. Saying No is ok, and sometimes very important to helping your stress levels. Know what is a priority and what isn't and stick to it. You will manage your time better and feel less pressure to get things done. 

3. Talk about it

Talking to someone can really help! Sometimes just venting and getting all your worries out can seriously help deal with stress and make you feel much better at dealing with it. There will always be someone willing to listen whether it be a family member or friend. There are also plenty of help lines you can phone if talking to a loved one is too hard for you to do. Here are a list of numbers you can phone:- - Text SHOUT to 85258

Mind - 0844 967 4848

Rethink mental illness - 0300 5000 927

4. Take time for you

Taking a bit of time each day for yourself can also help to calm and destress yourself. Whether its listening to music, reading a book or taking a bath. It is important that you take time for yourself to relax and gather your thoughts. 

5. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep can also really help deal with stress, if you are tired everything will seem ten times worse and ten times harder to overcome. Make sure you are going to bed at a good time and getting up at a good time, it really is needed!

6. Make a list

If you are feeling overwhelmed with tasks that you have to do, making a list or writing things down can help manage your time better and know what you need to do. Ticking each thing off the list when its done will help relieve stress and make you feel more accomplished. 

7. Make sure you eat enough - but not too much

Eating healthy will help you feel better about yourself, give you more energy and help your overall wellbeing. But remember not to be hard on yourself either, indulge and treat yourself at weekends. 

We understand that getting the balance can be hard, but you do not have to suffer! Take care of yourself, you are so important. Here are some helpful websites you can visit for even more guidance on managing stress


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