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Merry Christmas love White Rabbit Skincare

It's the week of Christmas! I'm sure you are all just as excited as we are to get into the festive spirit and spend some much deserved time with your loved ones. Getting into the swing of Christmas, we thought it would be nice for you all to meet the White Rabbit Skincare team, so here we are...

Meet Melanie

Job Title: Founder/Director/chief tea maker

Favourite White Rabbit Product: Eucalyptus & Lavender cleansing balm. OG followers and customers will remember this being called the Comfort cleansing balm, and it does just that - cleanses the skin without stripping and super soothing with beautiful essential oils. 

Favourite thing about Christmas: Family! We always have a MASSIVE (20+ of us) family Christmas, so this year is going to be very very strange, us all in our own wee bubbles


Meet Nicole

Job Title: Digital Content Creator
Favourite White Rabbit Product: The Coconut & Rosehip calming cream! I love how soothing this cream is, any time I have a break out and my skin is feeling a bit irritated I use this and it instantly feels soothed and calmer! I also love the smell.
Favourite thing about Christmas: I love spending time with my family! We all have such busy lives and different schedules it's nice to have some downtime to spend some quality time together! I also love the food and wine - although not so much in January!
Meet Aileen
Job Title: Product & Order Processor
Favourite White Rabbit Product: Lime & Coconut cleansing water! I love this to remove my makeup, it makes it so easy and smells great!
Favourite thing about Christmas: Spending time with family. My other daughter Nicola lives in London and I miss her!
Meet Rab
Job Title: Retired but is a DIY extraordinaire.   
Favourite White Rabbit Product: Beard oil - despite not having a beard
Favourite thing about Christmas: Sherry and Mince pies
Meet Catriona
Job title: Social media Assistant at the Social Cow
Favourite White Rabbit Skincare product: I love the Cleansing Balm!
Favourite thing about Christmas: Christmas parties, Socialising and spending time with my family!
From all of us at White Rabbit Skincare, we wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas!!
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