Bye Lucy.... - White Rabbit Skin Care

Bye Lucy....

Hello Everyone, 

This will (sadly) be my last blog post for White Rabbit Skincare. As of 3:30pm today, I am hanging up my 'Marketing & Business Development Assistant' hat and moving onto to pastures new. 

I just wanted to do one last blog post to share my experience of working for the brand so here goes....

So as some of you already know, I graduated with my degree in Marketing back in July last year (2017) and started at White Rabbit Skincare in September, so this was my first real Marketing job and to be completely honest, I couldn't have wished for a better one! Melanie is amazing and I couldn't have learned from a better person- she is so passionate about the brand and really does eat, sleep and breathe White Rabbit! 

My role at White Rabbit was the 'Marketing & Business Development Assistant', so my main responsibilities included maintenance of the website, communicating with current and potential customers, establishing and running marketing campaigns, and all things social media.

In my short (and super quick) five months at White Rabbit, I have experienced so many exciting things, for example I attended my first ever trade show at the SEC back in September, I helped to create a Black Friday marketing campaign, I have attended various Business Gateway classes to further my knowledge, I've trialled and tested all of the amazing products, and I've met so many lovely people at our offices- so for me it has been a truly great experience. 

I really am sad to be leaving such an amazing brand but I really can't wait to see all of the amazing things that are on their way to White Rabbit in 2018.

Love & Best Wishes,

Lucy x

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