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Introducing: Mary-Anne!

Hey, readers of White Rabbit Skincare! Please allow me to introduce myself! I'm Mary-Anne, a blogger and writer who lives in Scotland. I've very recently joined the amazing White Rabbit skincare team, and I will be writing some kick-ass articles for you!

My first memory of writing was from a young age, covering A4 pages in my wild and wonderful stories. My teacher at school once held up my short story that I had written that day and proudly showed it off to the class, proclaiming it was well beyond my years. 

Into adulthood and my love for writing hasn't left me! I love that I can let the world melt around me when I write and all that matters next are my words and what wonderful way I choose to spin them. 

Why did I choose White rabbit skincare? 

Even though I adore writing, my work shines when I am talking about something that I am passionate about and with a company that reflects my own ethics.  

I am a huge animal lover and seeing that everything you find on supermarket shelves is stuffed with palm oil, it was fantastic to discover that Melanie's products are free of it! 

I also love that Melanie's products don't have any artificial colours, fragrances or really anything else that your skin does not need. 

I first started learning about my skin's health from a very young age. 

I was born with eczema, which is an atopic skin condition that causes dry, flaky skin and skin that is prone to flaring up. 

My skin was forever getting infected through cuts that I had, so when I wasn't on antibiotics, I was wrapping my entire body in zinc bandages and walking around my house like a little mummy. 

The bandages were covered in zinc oxide and ichthammol which are both great for calming down flare-ups and minimising itching. 

Even though I must have looked a sight, I remember the instant amazing feeling as soon as the bandages were wrapped around my skin. 

It felt so cooling and I could tell that my skin was instantly loving it!

It was a tough time but it made me aware of just how important taking care of your skin is. It baffles me to see anyone shower and not cover their skin in moisturiser after. 

I would feel like the desert!

Now as a grown-up (but still a big kid at heart) my skin is much better from when I was a child, but it can still have its moments. 

I don't really have any sweets at all as I learned my skin doesn't like a whole lot of sugar. I am much more a meat and cheese snack kind of gal anyway so cutting that out doesn't bother me much. 

What you can expect from me

I am here at White Rabbit Skincare because I want to help more people experience amazing skin and I want you to have amazing content to read!

So, I need to ask you a favour!

Can you please comment below and let me know if there is anything that you would just love to read? 

Maybe something is interesting about skin you've learned, or perhaps you have your own skin-care journey, and you'd like to star in one of our guest posts? 

Anything at all, pop it below and me or Melanie will get back to you!

Come back here if you want to hear about the latest and greatest products at White Rabbit Skincare and to learn amazing tips for the best skin! 

Even if you just want to hear from a slightly nutty Scottish girl. Pop on a tea, get your feet up and I'll do the talking. 

Please stick around to hear about our journey, it's going to be amazing! 

Until next time! 

Mary-Anne x

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