Introducing: Glycolic Cream Cleanser

So as you all know, we launched a brand new product into the White Rabbit Skincare family. The Glycolic Cream cleanser (AKA…The holy grail of your skincare routine)

Let me tell you a bit more about our amazing new product.

First of all the Glycolic Cream Cleanser helps to break down dead skin cells on your skin by breaking down the bonds which hold the dead skin cells together. I know it's hard for us to believe our face can hold dead skin cells, but believe me it's TRUE!

Okay so now you are probably wondering HOW this product is able to do so much for your skin?

As Glycolic Acid is made of tiny molecules, it is able to penetrate the skin deeply and easily. Therefore, when the cleanser is washed off, so are the dead skin cells.

This product also helps to reveal BRIGHTER, SMOOTHER YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN, yes you read that right. All of the above are proven results of this amazing, natural, cruelty free product.

Not only does the Glycolic Cleanser removes dead skin cells, it also helps to lock in extra moisture in your skin to keep it looking and feeling hydrated throughout the day.

How? The cleanser works to transfer water molecules into your skin tissue. This is replenishing any lost moisture. Studies have shown that regular use of Glycolic acid can help to boost collagen levels leaving skin looking plumper and resist overall wrinkling.

*immediately adds Glycolic Cream Cleanser to basket.*

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