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International Women's day 2021 - Choose to Challenge

The theme of this years International Women's Day is choose to challenge. From choosing to challenge inequality we can create change for equality. As we all know women are capable of anything they set their mind too, and so in fit with this International Women's Day White Rabbit Skincare explore the most amazing women who chose to challenge and are an inspiration to us all. 

Jessica Meir & Christina Koch 

These two women are incredible! In October 2019 they led NASA's first all women spacewalk. They had their set backs, with the mission having to be moved back by a few months as the only spacesuits available were all large, as they were all made for men. This did not stop these two ladies however, when the mission finally took off they fixed a failed power control unit which took several hours outside the International Space Station. A true achievement. 


Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is a name that most people know. At just 18 years old Greta is a climate change activist who has been on the world stage campaigning for action against climate change since just 15! She has a powerful and strong voice for such a young age, she was even nominated for a noble peace prize - a true inspiration.



Beyonce is a powerful women that we all know. She is well known for her songs that are inspirational to all independent women, she stands for feminism and isn't scared to voice her opinion. Beyonce uses her platform to stand up against all sorts of causes that are important to her including her support for the LGBTQ community. She also holds down a business and a family whilst doing everything she does - a true powerhouse!


 Tanni Grey Thompson

This incredible woman is known as one of the most successful Paralympians of all time. She has won 11 Gold medals, 4 silver medals and a bronze medal over 5 paralympic games! An inspirational woman who shows us all that determination can get you anywhere. 


Whitney Wolfe Herd

The creator of the dating app bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd is a self-made billionaire at just 31. Women account for less than 5% of the world's self made billionaires, and when launching bumble it was one of 2 out of 559 companies to go public in the US over the past 12 months, that was founded and operated by women. This app is the first of its kind that empowers women to make the first move on men, breaking down the barriers that are often set for women to receive sexual harassment. Whitney Wolfe Herd we salute you. 


These women are just 5 of the most inspirational women of our time. We as woman know how powerful we can be and that are capabilities are endless. So, this international women's day choose to challenge inequality, and spread the message. We would love to hear what women are inspirational to you!


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