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Ingredient Focus: Sweet Almond Oil

Latin Name: Prunus amygdalus var

Sweet Almond Oil is one of the most popular carrier oils (which are called so because they have the purpose of 'carrying' essential oils - which if used undiluted can cause extreme irritation or reactions - onto the skin), and is incredibly rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and the naturally antioxidant Vitamin E.

Because of the vitamin E content, it is one of many natural oils which can help protect from skin damaging free radicals, and is also of great benefits to those with particularly dry or eczema-prone skin. It does not clog pores, and is also of benefit in hair care - it is excellent for dandruff, for example! 

Other benefits include:

  • Anti-inflammatory - both on the skin when applied topically, and also if ingested - sweet almond oil is actually well repotted as a medicinal oil
  • Anti-oxidant and immune booster - provides protection from various diseases and ailments
  • Emollient - excellent moisturiser, and is more of a lubricating oil rather than a penetrative one, meaning it aids with excessively dry surface skin.
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Cicatrizant - helps wounds heal faster. 

Who is it suitable for?

Sweet almond Oil is one of the most widely used carrier oils, and is suitable for all skin types - which is also why we use it in a number of our products, as you'll see below!

As well as in cosmetics and therapeutic skincare, it is also one of the best multi-purpose base oils to use in massage, as it practically has no scent, and is a great lubricant. Moreover compared to many other carrier oils which have relatively short shelf lives, Sweet Almond Oil resists oxidation (in other words doesn't go off quickly!) and is often the best option for 'bulk buying'.  

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