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Ingredient Focus: Coconut Oil


Latin name: Cocos nucifera

People started using coconut oil around mid 19th century and still use it to this day - indeed it is currently proving very popular to use not just topically but also to eat and drink. 

The most common method of extracting coconut oil is by removing the “flesh” of the coconut away from the shell. It is then boiled in water allowing it to soften and therefore allow the oil to seep through the flesh and culminate on top of the water. Once the majority of the oil has settled on top of the water it is then skimmed off and placed into a separate container. This method uses the least amount of resources and is called aqueous processing. It can be made even faster through the use of machines as well!

The oil itself has been used to treat many conditions (even life threatening ones!) including diabetes, heart disease, thyroid conditions and Crohn's disease. Some people have even claimed it can help to lose weight and lower the body's overall cholesterol. Some places in the South Pacific even thrive off of coconut oil, and they have no signs of heart disease or any major health problems. 

We use it for it's moisturising effects but it is also such a great all-round ingredient that can help benefit your body in so many ways, for example it's anti-aging effect when applied topically to skin, or it's ability to help fight against skin conditions including ezcema or psoriasis. 

Who is it suitable for?

Like the large majority of carrier oils, Coconut Oil is suitable for most skin types, but it is particularly helpful for those with relativity sensitive skin and flaky or dry skin.

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