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Ingredient Focus: Camellia Oil

Have you ever really thought about the products you use on a daily basis?

We all want to know what's in the products we eat, so why not those which we put on our skin? (After all, remember that a whopping 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream!)

Camellia Oil - what is it??

Latin name: Camellia Kissi Oil

There are actually three different kinds of flower that Camellia Oil (or also known as Tea Seed Oil) can come from and these are the Camellia oleifera, Camellia japonica and the Camellia sinensis plants. We use Camellia Kissi Oil, which is obtained from the Camellia Japonica plant. 

The plant was originally cultivated in China around 5000 years ago as a tea plant but became widely popular around the 19th century when interest grew around the plants. This even lead to gardener's competitions specifically just for these plants.  

Similar to the Apricot Kernel Oil mentioned a few weeks ago, it has a high oleic acid content meaning it can be absorbed into the skin far easier than some other oils. 

 The oil is highly sought after for it's excellent moisturising capability (even with a small drop!) and it's anti-aging effect. It also acts as an antioxidant which is why it can help prevent wrinkles. The fact that it can also act as an anti-inflammatory just shows how useful this oil really is, and why we decided to use it so!

Who is it suitable for?

All skin types, including sensitive and babies skin, and is particularly useful for dry/damaged skin. 


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