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Hello White Rabbit!

You may have already noticed a new face around, thought I should introduce myself! I’m AJ and I’m here to help Melaine out with all things customers.


I’m passionate about animal welfare and through looking for natural vegan skin care, I found out about White Rabbit. I started using the face creams and instantly fell in love. When I saw the job being advertised I was actually in Africa at the time. I stopped what I was doing and applied within the hour of it going up. Working for a small business with excellent ethics and run single-handedly by a great woman, is really a dream come true! I have always worked in customer-based roles and love helping out and dealing with different people from all walks of life.


When I’m not working I spend my time working through my ever growing book collection, looking after my 32 botanical babies (yup, I’m a crazy plant lady) or working towards my 200 Yoga teacher training.  A big fan of crafting and ice cream, not at the same time, though I would give it a try. Ok, I'll stop rambling! I am excited to be a part of this business and everything that has to come, if you ever have any questions or concerns I’m always available at aj@whiterabbitskincare.co.uk. Look forward to talking to you all.


Much love,



Just me and my dream house!

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