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Guest Post: Vegan foods for glowing skin

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This month we're excited to have Biology student Jamie Costello guest writing for our blog.

Read on to see what he recommends we eat to get that glow from the inside out!

British Summertime is almost coming to an end and the Sun’s soon to hide away back behind the clouds. You may have felt that the summer rays have been hard on your skin, evaporating its moisture and leaving it feeling relative dry. On top of that, the diet you once craved to get the ultimate Summer body has probably now gone out of the window leaving us with relatively unhealthy looking skin. Fear not though as there are still gorgeous looking fruits and vegetables that are produced from our local farmers to provide our skin with the complexion and look we’ve been craving. Here are some foods that you can tuck into to get your natural looking glow back again.




The main function of a protein is to repair tissue and muscle cells to help form new tissues, and these include skin cells. There are many essential amino acids that are found in structural proteins such as collagen and elastin to support the growth of hair, skin and nails. These can be found regularly in your diet through foods such as nuts, seeds, whole grains and leafy vegetables.


Foods Containing Silica


Silica is a crucial mineral to help form collagen which is a protein which helps to prevent your skin from developing wrinkles and causing your skin to age. It also helps to support water molecules being transferred to cells which is important in preventing dehydration and keeping your skin looking healthy. Banana has high levels of silica but it can also be found in raisins, oats and brown rice.


Foods High In Vitamin A


Foods containing vitamin A can help with decreasing the process of collagen breakdown and maintains elastin proteins compared to it being broken down quickly, which can contribute to ageing. It also helps to slow down melanin production that contributes to an increase in dark spots and acne which can have a bad appearance on the skin. Foods that are rich in Vitamin A include sweet potato, red pepper, apricot and mango.


Rich in Omega-3


Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid which affects cell membranes. They keep the skin cells functioning correctly and they naturally produce moisture which prevents the skin from drying. This provides a smoother look to your skin. They’re extremely useful in the Summer, as they provide a protective barrier for the skin and prevents damage from the sun. Examples of foods with high levels of Omega-3 include Brussel sprouts, leafy greens and walnuts.




Most important of all is keeping your skin dehydrated by drinking plenty of water. Our skin, nails and cells are all predominantly made up of water, so to make sure the fluids in our system are kept up to optimum levels you should look to drink water regularly. Alternatively, you can also use herbal tea if you find the taste of water a bit bland. By keeping your skin hydrated, it can help to reduce the chances of flaking and turning skin dry which can lead to wrinkles.


Implementing all these tasty foods into your diet will be a big step in getting your skin glowing, providing a great alternative than popping into a local medispa Wilmslow based for an aesthetic treatment. Even with Winter just around the corner, you’ll be sure to stand out from the snow like a beaming sun.

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