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The Fabulous Four Treats Your Face Needs From White Rabbit Skincare

We all know I adore my skincare, I mean it is an important part of my day cleansing my skin and using all my lovely skincare treat, but I definitely have a love hate relationship with it, especially as I get a lot of breakouts lately. Personally I blame stress, but that is just me! However there is a fabulous brand that needs to be added to your skincare map, and that is The White Rabbit Skincare Company. Here are the 4 gems that you need from the their company and why!


Now if you have sensitive skin and are looking for something that takes all of your make up off, then this is the cleanser that you need in your life! The one thing that sets this apart from other cleansers is how incredibly it takes your make up off & how gently it does it at the same time. I am always so careful when it comes to my skin and removing make up, because even though I have combination skin, I don’t want it to leave my skin feeling super oily, but I also don’t want it to dry out really quickly. The struggle is real. The fact that this cleanser did so much for my skin was the ultimate test in my opinion.

The 15ml tin costs £7.00 and I don’t actually use a lot on my face because you don’t need it, and I still have a lot left. A little goes a long way in this mighty tin, so if you’re looking to invest in a fab cleanser or to at least trial it, it is definitely worth a go in my opinion as you’ll be hooked on it!

I love a good toner, it always leaves my skin feeling refreshed and alive, so when I got this one, I absolutely adored the smell, I literally couldn’t get away from how incredible it was. The orange was beyond refreshing! I used this after using my cleansing balm and honestly it is such a dynamic duo for your skin, it was so soft, so clean and I found that it really helped with controlling the oil on my skin, or if it happened to be dry, it refreshed it and soothed my skin.

If you have sensitive skin then it is definitely a toner that you need in your life & super refreshing! For 30ml bottle like I have it is £9.00 and honestly I believe it is definitely worth the money, it goes such a long way, I use about 2 sprays on my face and it feels so much better!

I love a good eye cream, especially as I get incredibly puffy eyes, so when I saw this in the box I was beyond excited to try it, mainly because I was thinking wow my eyes are going to look so much less puffy! When I first applied it on my eyes I thought wow how soothing is that! It was a creamy texture and as you pat it into your eyes it is such a cooling experience! I felt like the cream really reduced my under eye circles, I have quite prominent dark circles and this product really really helped to reduce that. It also says it helps to reverse the signs of ageing, now I’m only 24, but I did feel like it tightened the eye area, however I do feel like this would work wonders if you’re looking for an under eye anti-ageing cream.

This little jar is £20 now I know that sounds like a lot of money, but you don’t need a lot of it at a time I haven’t even made a dent in the pot yet as I have just been using a little bit from the lid every night and it has worked absolute wonders on my eyes, the puffiness has reduced, they feel refreshed and not only that it works!

We all know I love a good lip balm, I use them practically everyday to stop my lips getting chapped so when I saw this one I got very excited! Now the weather is getting colder a little investment in your lip care is very important, as someone who struggles with chapped, sore and even bleeding lips make sure you invest in keeping your lips happy! This one is chocolate orange and when I opened the tin, wow that scent was incredible! In terms of how it goes onto your lip it is very soft, nourishing and really helps to give you soft lips which is exactly what you want. I used a scrub before I put the lip balm on and it soothed my lips and moisturised them perfectly.

This tin is £7 and in my opinion well worth it, it does exactly what it says it is going to, and it is definitely a pamper session for your lips in a tin!

Find all of the products you need over at their website White Rabbit Skincare to buy your own and to add to it, you can use my discount code AMIE15 (not an affiliate code) that provides 15% off your order with no minimum spend! That code expires on the 31st December so you can use it to get all your Christmas presents with!


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