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Guest Blogpost: A White Rabbit Skincare product review - from Germany!

We were very excited when Karoline Matthes offered to photograph our products. And even more so when she gave her opinions on some of the range...

I found White Rabbit Skin Care via Instagram. To find out more Information I contacted Melanie, the founder of the company. Melanie is a very kind and caring person, who is very passionate about the environment, animal welfare and the products, which are handmade.

White Rabbit Skin Care only uses natural fragrances, natural colours and 100% vegan products. The packaging is recyclable. If you send back your empty cans you can even get a discount for your next order.
I really appreciate all of those facts, as I also really care about our environment and animals. As my skin is a trouble-maker, I was really looking forward to testing the products.

I was very happy when the package from White Rabbit Skin Care arrived. Unpacking it I found Lime and Coconut Cleansing Water, Orange and Aloe Toner, Chamomile and Carrot seed Eye Cream and Chocolate Orange Lip Balm.
The colour theme of the products is mainly silver and dark blue. With love to the details you will find tiny white rabbits everywhere on the flasks. As the products are mainly for cleansing and moisturizing the design fits perfectly. The combination of silver and blue underlines the fresh feeling you want to have after using the products. I also really liked that the "Use by" date is handwritten. That adds to the personal feel of the company.

I have a very difficult skin-type. My skin is dry, but I still have problems with spots. It ́s really difficult to find a product that doesn`t make my skin too dry, but also not too oily. I ́ve tried a lot of different products, but was never 100% happy with the result.
The products from White Rabbit Skin care are supposedly useable for all skin types, so I decided to try them out.

The Lime and Coconut Cleanisng water should remove make up, cleanse and make your skin feel fresh. It has a refreshing scent with a hint of lime. You will find the instructions of how to use it on the back of the flask.
As instructed I shook it well and then applied it to a cotton pad. I really just used a tiny bit of the cleansing water. It was easy to remove the make up. Wiping away waterproof mascara wasn`t a problem at all. The product didn`t irritate my eyes, or my skin, but gave a very awakening feeling.

For the next step, I used the Orange and Aloe Toner. You can spray it onto your skin, or apply it to a cotton pad. The Toner has a very fresh orange fragrance, which reminds me of summer mornings. I decided to apply the product onto a cotton pad and wiped it onto my skin, which was a little bit dry from the cleansing water. I expected it to become even more dry by using the toner, but I was wrong. The Orange and Aloe toner made my skin feel really fresh and smooth.

After that I decided to use the Chamomile and Carrot Seed Eye Cream. The Cream comes in a small see-through tin. I would say it has a very likeable natural scent. I applied a small amount around my eyes. The cream is very efficient. After applying it the skin around my eyes felt soft and not oily at all.

The last product I tested was the Chocolate Orange Lipbalm. Believe me, I tried so many different lipbalms. Often they make your lips even more dry, or they give you a heavy feeling. The Lipbalm from White Rabbit Skincare is amazing! It comes in a very small tin. You can apply it easily with your finger on your lips. It smells a bit like Terry`s Chocolate Orange. After using it, my lips felt really moist and the feeling stayed for hours.

So I have to say, I am really impressed by the products from White Rabbit Skin Care. They have really nice scents, which are not too strong. They are definitely suitable for sensitive skin and dry skin with acne problems. After using the toner and eyecream, I didn`t need to apply any moisturizer although my skin is naturally quite dry.

My favourite product is the lipbalm. It just suits me perfectly, as I love chocolate and always suffer from dry lips.

As the products are natural, vegan, recyclable and handmade, I think the price is very reasonable. They are all very efficient and will last a long time. I really appreciate that White Rabbit Skin Care supports awareness for animal welfare, environmental protection policies and takes care of our skin along the way.

Karoline Matthes, Germany

Check out Karoline's Instagram which features examples of her beautiful photography work. 

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