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Global Warming - Doing Your Bit

It's no secret that the planet is heating up, habitats are dying and so is its species. Our planet as we know it is changing and we need to do everything we can to stop it. David Attenborough - in our eyes a national treasure - has dedicated his life to educating the world on our planet, and he is now urging us to take action against climate change. In his recent documentary "A life on Our Planet" he talks about protecting our wildlife and stopping the catastrophic events of global warming. 

So this blog post is inspired by "A life on Our Planet" and the small things we can be doing and changing to help slow down climate change. Here is White Rabbits guide to being more eco-friendly. 

1. Eat less Meat - Eat more Plants

Meat and dairy production releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere - the main reason for global warming. The meat industry destroys forests and between feeding, killing and transporting meat its effects have been catastrophic to the planet. Now we are not saying you have to go completely vegan, but by eating less meat, maybe even having a vegan diet twice a week, can significantly help to reduce these greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere. 

2. Get fit and cycle or walk

We are all guilty have having a bit of a lazy day and jumping in the car to take a 2 minute drive. However, all these little car journeys add up and release emissions that are creating air pollution and aiding yet again global warming. We can all do our bit by cutting down these short car journeys and cycling or walking when we can. Also using more public transport will mean less cars on the road and so less emissions being spewed into the atmosphere. This is just another simple sacrifice we can make to help save Our planet.

3. Switch energy provider

Fossil Fuels like coal, oil and gas are the worlds biggest polluters! The oceans have been absorbing the heat from fossil fuels since the 90s destroying our polar regions and the life that live there. The ice is melting and causing catastrophic effects as the oceans are increasingly heat up. If we switch to a green energy provider that provides renewable energy we can really make a huge difference. Solar and wind energy are both examples of this. Also - green energy can potentially save you some money it's definitely something to think about. 

4. Donate to Climate change charities

The easiest contribution to slowing down climate change that you can do is donate!! No donation is too small and every little definitely helps. Here is a list of charities you can donate too 

- coalition for rainforest nations

- clean air task force

- the clean energy innovation program at the information technology and innovation foundation

- sandbag

5. Use less Plastic

Simple things from using reusable water bottles and straws too bamboo toothbrushes can really help to reduce the amount of waste that we produce. Again a simple sacrifice that we can make. 


White Rabbit are doing our bit... 

At white rabbit all of our premium vegan skincare products contain natural plant based ingredients. All extremely good for your skin and good for our planet. We are also aiming to be 100% plastic free, but currently we are 99% plastic free on our products. We believe in taking care of our planet, the way we believe you should take care of your skin, we have one planet and one skin. They should not be compromised. 


If you haven't already, we urge you to watch David Attenborough's new documentary, you can find it on Netflix. Lets do our bit and slow down climate change!!

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