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Exercise and Your Skin - how it does it help

A lot of people think exercise is bad for your skin, due to sweat building up in your pores. However, it is in fact the complete opposite, exercise has so many benefits to your skin! Making sure after you work out you clean the sweat off of your face, your skin will be safe. 

Exercising essentially increases your circulation, which helps to promote healthy and vibrant skin. This works as blood flow is increased during exercise and so carries oxygen throughout your body and to your skin. As the oxygen moves around your body it helps to flush any badness out. It also promotes collagen production, so can leave your skin looking healthier and younger! It can also help clear out your pores, as long as you are cleansing your skin afterwards!

It is also known that exercise can help to release stress. Stress can effect your skin by causing inflammation, break outs and causing eczema flare ups in sufferers. So, reducing stress by exercising can help further promote healthier skin. 

Best Exercises for your skin

1. Zumba

Zumba is a high intensity workout so will help promote blood flow, giving oxygen to your skin cells unleashing that post workout glow.

2. Yoga

Yoga has so many benefits to your skin, including reducing stress. A lot of yoga poses also increase blood flow to the face which can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles! Should we go as far as saying Yoga is an anti-aging method, maybe?

3. Swimming

Whilst swimming can have drying effects on the skin due to chlorine, it also has anti-bacterial properties which can help to clear blemishes. Just ensure you have a shower after swimming and moisturise your full body. 

Other exercises include, Running, pilates, weight training, hiit training. 

So go get your post workout glow! Don't forget your favourite premium vegan white rabbit skincare for afterwards!

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