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Endangered Species and Wildlife Conservation

Worldwide there are more than 37,400 species endangered of becoming extinct. This is 28% of all assessed species. When a species becomes extinct this can have catastrophic effects on our world’s ecosystems, which is why we all have to do our bit to help. 

Overconsumption and habitat destruction is the two main causes of endangering animals. Buying smart can help to reduce this devastation as, you actively avoid purchasing from companies that cause harm to the environment and animal habitats. Purchasing from companies that are eco-conscious will take business away from companies who are not, and so will help reduce the destruction that they are causing. 

Avoid all harmful pesticides and herbicides as these can have a lasting effect on the environment. They can seep into the soil and remain there for a long-time causing harm to the plants and animals within that area. This causes effects on the food chain and so will affect all animals of all levels of the food chain. 

Animals in all areas rely on food and shelter to keep the ecosystems and food chains going, and so you can help by planting native plants in the area and replenishing the food source. This therefore can also help undo damage done to the area and protect its wildlife. 

Wildlife conservations are also extremely important in protecting endangered species as they protect animals and their habitats. Conservations have many important benefits such as:

- Biodiversity, as reduction in the numbers of one animal disrupts the whole food chain, as other animals are left without food which then leads to more animals becoming endangered. 

- Suffering, Animals that are being held captive for tourist reasons or are being hunted for commercial gain are suffering. Being taken into a conservation will help protect the species and allow the animals to live at peace. 

- Water and air, we need a balanced ecosystem to survive and so maintaining clean air and clean water will protect animals and humans. 


At White Rabbit Skincare we know the importance of protecting our environment and animals, which is why we use only cruelty free natural skincare ingredients. We want to educate our customers in all things about the environment and our own health and wellbeing. 


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