Customer Review: Rebecca - White Rabbit Skin Care

Customer Review: Rebecca

We are constantly blown away when customers get in touch to let us know how our products have helped them.

This week it's the turn of customer Rebecca, who has recurring urticaria (also known as hives, weals, welts or nettle rash – is a raised, itchy rash that appears on the skin. It may appear on one part of the body or be spread across large areas), to such an extent that she experienced a full body rash, followed by an anaphylactic episode. 

Here's some of her before photos...

customer Rebecca urticaria before photo

customer Rebecca urticaria before photo leg

customer Rebecca urticaria before photo neck

customer Rebecca urticaria before photo face

I (Melanie) should also interject here to say Rebecca created an ENTIRE google drive folder for us containing not only her before/after photos, but screen shots of messages she'd sent to friends/family about her skin, images (such as the image below) of her receiving the products - originally as a gift - and other fantastic feedback material. We will be forever grateful!

customer Rebecca gift box opening
Hi Melanie,
Thanks so much- before then just in summary- the first products used were (in order)
*Cleansing water
*Glycolic cleansing cream 
*Aloe Vera water toner
*Calming Cream
This was the line up that gave the instant improvement. The most impactful products in the range I’ve used since as staples which make the difference (I get very minor remnants of the eczema still as the skin seems to have ‘memory’ from having been in such a bad state..!) are…
*Cleansing water- gentle and refreshing (resets skin and clears the bacteria!) 
*Calming Cream - dense but not oily, helps with redness and feels enriching. 
*in addition to the above when needed the Serum would be third in line favourite as most used as it’s an extra moisture boost and seems a good makeup primer also as miraculously it also doesn’t stick to the skin and disrupt the make ups surface or complexion during the day given that it also feels so moist on the skin and can look ‘oily’- it’s not the right word here because it’s the opposite effect. It’s also a staple for me now as I’ve learned this product is different to other ‘moisture boost’ products which have left my skin looking greasy! 
*My eyes were sore so I avoided the eye cream to start but I’ve since found that for the eczema that then came under my eyes (I think because I DIDNT use it to start actually, that the eye cream is amazing and cured this area by the next day. I now use it every day despite which cream I use. 
*just recently started ‘mixing it up’ with the cleansing balm and the night cream and also trusting the toner daily also which hasn’t been too hard on my skin at all! 
*Glycolic would be 5th as it’s like a peel with its effects but again amazingly doesn’t irritate my skin!! 
*Night cream I’ve been using on my neck and décolletage area favouring the calming cream even at night and I’ve seen it has the same instant sooth and softening to the skin!! So I’ve recently been using that at night now and calming in the day! 
Hope that helps for now! 
Becky xx
customer Rebecca after photo
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