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Climate Change - How can I help?

Everyone is aware of climate change, but most people probably think that it's too big an issue for one person's actions to help. That is not true! If everyone in the world made small changes to their lifestyle, this would dramatically reduce the effects that climate change is having on the planet. 

White Rabbit Skincare is not only a premium skincare brand, but we are a brand that genuinely cares! We do our bit to help the planet by using sustainable, plastic minimal packaging and natural ingredients. We want to educate our community and so we have put together some key things that you can be doing to help fight climate change. 

Eat Less meat and dairy

The meat industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. By eating less meat and dairy, you are helping to drastically reduce the pollution that these industries are putting out. That's not to say you need to become vegetarian or vegan, simply switching to a plant-based diet once or twice a week can help towards this. 

Reduce how much you fly

We all love a holiday and so nobody is saying that you can't ever fly, or you should feel guilty for travelling. However, there are many places that you can get to by train and don't need to fly! Getting the train to Amsterdam from London takes the same amount of time as it does to fly, however using the train drastically reduces the C02 emissions released, reducing you carbon footprint. Likewise, for domestic travel choose the train instead of flying. Little changes like these can really help. 

Leave the car at home

Instead of jumping in the car to drive somewhere, consider if it is close enough to walk. Not only does walking drastically help your overall wellbeing and mental health, this will help to further reduce your carbon footprint. Whilst it's convenient to go anywhere in the car, going for a walk can help get your fitness up and prevents unnecessary pollution, it's a win win. 

If your destination is too far to walk, consider taking public transport instead. Particularly if you are visiting city centres, it's sometimes easier to use public transport and cheaper than driving. 

Reduce the energy you use

When at home simple things like turning off plug sockets when they are not in use and switching off lights. Using lower power of heating by putting on a jumper, and taking a shower rather than a bath. You can even go as far as to ensure that your house is properly insulated so that you don't have to use as much heating to warm your home. Switching to solar panels is also a great energy saving method. Not only is taking these steps helping reduce climate change, but it's also helping you to save money on electricity bills, again that's another win win. 

Reduce consumption and waste

This seems like an obvious one, however this is one of the biggest problems of climate change. Single use products and plastic heavy items are extremely hard to breakdown and can take years to decompose. They will sit in a landfill site and not move for years, meaning that these landfill sites are growing in size, causing mass pollution and ruining the landscape. If we all chose more sustainable items to use and ensured we were all recycling properly, we can really help to change our carbon footprint. Buying second hand items and reducing the consumption of fast fashion can also help do this, as this will help produce less waste. 

Share your experiences and educate

Making your voice be heard is another great way of doing your bit to tackle climate change. Sharing your experiences with others and giving out tips and tricks on helping reduce your carbon footprint is crucial in educating and raising awareness. Spreading your knowledge will help others, and help the fight against climate change. 


We only have one planet and we all have to do our bit to look after it. White Rabbit Skincare is dedicated to educating our community on how we can be more sustainable and doing our bit for the planet. We aim to be fully plastic free in the upcoming years and we will always be cruelty free and only use natural ingredients in our premium skincare. 

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