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Changing seasons - Moisturising is key!

The winter weather is fast approaching, and I'm sure you'll be getting prepared to wrap yourself up and keep warm. What many people don't know though how the drop in temperatures can effect your skin!

The cold air can often draw moisture out of your skin, leaving it feeling a bit dry and rough. Not only does the cold air effect your skin, but so does the dry indoor heating, which can further damage and dry out your skin leaving it cracked. We all know that heating is essential in the winter - well it definitely is in Scotland where White Rabbit is based! So the Holy Grail to keeping your skin soft smooth and hydrated - a great Moisturiser! Its really not that complicated... 

Here are some of White Rabbits suggestions of great moisturisers...

1. Chocolate Orange Lip Balm

Our delicious lip balm is perfect for keeping your lips moisturised and avoids them from becoming cracked in the harsh dry winter air. Full of vitamins and goodness this little handbag gem is the perfect everyday essential. 


2. Rose & Orange Night cream

The ideal vegan night cream to add moisture back into your skin. This cream will soothe any irritated or inflamed areas of your skin and leave it super refreshed. The perfect addition to your skincare routine, especially through these winter months. 


3. Coconut & Rosehip calming cream

This cream really is a moisturiser you want in your daily skincare routine! Full of natural skincare ingredients , this moisturiser tackles any problems your skin may be facing and adds moisture back into it for the most smooth and supple skin. Using this will soothe your skin after it has been harshly attacked by cold winds and warm dry indoor heating, definitely a winter must have!


4. Olive & Avocado Cell Renewal serum

Use this before a moisturiser and your skin will be looking smooth, fresh and glowing! This serum is the ultimate skincare must have. Using vegan skincare ingredients this serum will penetrate deep into the layers of your skin resolving any problematic areas it may have and ultimately add moisture back into it. A definite daily essential. 


5. Beard Oil - for men (or woman?) 

A brittle damaged beard or a soft shiny beard? The difference between the two is beard oil! The cold winter air can pull the moisture out of your beard and so to keep it shiny and healthy the perfect solution is our vegan beard oil!


All of our products at White Rabbit Skincare are vegan friendly and almost (99%) plastic free. We believe in plastic free beauty products and so are aiming to get this to 100%. Take care of your skin and take care of the environment because we only have 1 of both. 

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