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Best Vegan Makeup

Vegan makeup is taking over the beauty industry! A lot of the makeup you already own may even be vegan without you even realising. You don't have to be vegan to buy vegan makeup brands or make more conscious decisions on the cosmetics that you purchase, just like the skincare you buy! So, as a great skincare routine goes hand in hand with a beautiful makeup look, White Rabbit Skincare thought we would share with you some of our favourite Vegan skincare brands and products from all different price points! Don't worry you can thank us later...

Makeup Revolution - Low range 

Revolution makeup is a vegan and cruelty free makeup brand that at White Rabbit Skincare we love! It is bank account friendly and gives you good quality products. Here are some of their products that we love!

For the Face: 

- Conceal and Define Foundation - £9.99

- Conceal and Hydrate Concealer - £7.00

- Glow Splendour bronzer - £8.00

For the Eyes:

- False lash mink effect mascara - £8.00

For the Lips:

- Affinity Lip Set - £10.00


Milk Makeup - Mid Range

For the Face: 

- Flex Foundation stick - £32

- Lip & Cheek - £23

- Matte bronzer - £23

For the Eyes :

- Kush high volume mascara - £13

For the Lips: 

- Kush lip glaze - £20


Hourglass - Luxury

For the Face: 

- Vanish seamless finish liquid foundation - £51

- Hidden corrective concealer - £31

- Ambient lighting bronzer - £49

For the Eyes:

- Caution extreme lash mascara - £29

For the Lips: 

- Confession ultra slim high intensity refillable lipstick - £33


We also love other brands such as Kat Von D beauty, KKW Beauty, Glossier and Smashbox, just to name a few!

If you are worried that the makeup you wear isn't vegan or cruelty free, all you have to do is google and check the correct bodies such as PETA, who has a list of all brands that are cruelty free.


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