Beauty Fridges… a need, a desire or a waste of time?

It might never have crossed your mind before, but keeping your skincare products in the fridge (or at least somewhere cool) can have great benefits for you! 
In the past, skincare was kept in the fridge as it helped keep their shelf life last longer. Nowadays it is less for necessity and more for added benefits and luxury feel!
Some of the top benefits are:
  • It can reduce puffy, blushed skin
  • It helps hold the probiotics
  • It feels great on your skin (imagine an evening facial, e-v-e-r-y night!) - Try the
  • It prevents the products from drying out if you keep them over a long period of time 
Some of our products that we recommend trying after they have been refrigerated (because if nothing else, they will feel amazing): 
Let us know if you try the theory out and what your thoughts are! 

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