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Cruelty Free Beauty Haul!

We are HUGE advocates of the cruelty free lifestyle here at White Rabbit Skincare, and this extends to all aspects of everyday life, from home cleaning products, to clothing, to make up!
We will also always support and help promote other cruelty free businesses, and so we were thrilled to come across cruelty free, affordable brand Essence in our local branch of Wilko.
Naturally we just had to pick up a few key pieces to try out...
Essence Lash Base - £2.50
A white mascara which is applied to lashes as a preparatory step, this helps boost the volumising, lengthening, thickening properties of your mascara.
Essence Lash Princess Mascara - £3.30
Talking of mascara, we also picked up this little gem after reading vegan beauty blogger Gemma's post on it. Sadly reviewers on the Wilko website don't seem to rate this particular mascara very highly, but we were very impressed, and well worth the cost of a coffee!
Essence Eyeshadow Base - £2.50
If you find you have somewhat oily eyelids, and eyeshadow doesn't tend to hang around, this kind of product is for you!
Essence XXXL Longlasting Matt Lipgloss in shade 06- £2.30
This spiked our curiosity when we saw the words "matt" and "lipgloss" on the same product - contradictory, non? However the matt effect has proved to help this product stay on the lips somewhat longer than a traditional lipgloss might. 
Essence Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof - £2.50
Essence actually have a range of 6 different liquid eyeliners, so we were stumped for some time as to what one to choose, but opted for the waterproof in the hopes it will last all day! 
Essence Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in 04 - £1.00
We read that adding white eyeliner to your waterline opens up the eyes, and at only £1.00 it's worth a shot!
Essence Lipliner in 14 - £1.00
Another £1.00 bargain (and recommendation from Gemma), we've since used this all over the lips as a long last lip stain. 
Have you tried Essence Makeup? Can you recommend any products for us to try? Or maybe you're using other cruelty free makeup brands that you think we should take a look at? (Any excuse to try new makeup!)
White Rabbit Skincare Team x x 
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