Extending the Olive Branch...

Beeswax has traditionally been used in products (from candles to lip balm) for hundreds of years, but as a vegan, bee-loving company, White Rabbit Skincare sought out an alternative to this, and use olive wax instead!

Olive Wax is obtained from a process of blending different fractions directly from olive oil to produce a hard wax, similar to beeswax. No chemicals or foreign matter are used in this process, ensuring its purity and thus making it an ideal choice for use in natural skincare products. Indeed, beekeepers in many countries use pesticide strips to protect the bees from parasites, and as such beeswax can contain residue of this. Moreover,some beekeepers no longer use the traditional 'smoke blowing' method to calm the bees and instead use a creosote spray, which is a carcinogenic and therefore 'pure' beeswax and the end product it is used in may not be so pure!

Like beeswax, olive wax has a melting point of 60 degrees C, and also 'behaves' similarly to beeswax when added to product formulations; adding hardness to products and providing a water retaining, protective barrier to skin.

You can find olive wax in our Chocolate Orange Lipbalm and Comfort Cleansing Balm.

Go Natural. Go Vegan. Go White Rabbit Skincare.




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