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Cruelty Free Cleaning!

We're all about cleansing here at White Rabbit Skincare - and not just the skin!

More and more people are becoming aware of not only the harsh chemicals in certain household products, but also the horrendous animal testing that many big brands still conduct, and therefore are reluctant to use them in their homes. 
We thought we'd give you the low down on our favourite bunny-friendly brands, which offer excellent alternatives to household products, and help keep you and your home safe in the knowledge no animals were harmed in the making of your toilet cleaner...


A Glasgow-based company, Humblestuff are rapidly becoming our go-to for all-natural (and still incredibly effective), vegan cleaning products. 
We've tried all the product types in the range and can definitely vouch for their effectiveness - the 500ml multi surface spray (not featured as we love it so much we've used it up!) is a real favourite. We plan on using the soft cleaning paste to tackle our oven next...


Allergy UK, BUAV, The Vegan Society AND EU Ecolabel (phew!) certified, Ecozone aim to reduce the amount of toxins we use in our homes, without effectively removing germs/bacteria etc. We love their innovative ecoballs, with one ball lasting a whopping 1000 washes!

Greenfrog Soapnuts:

Soapnuts are without a doubt growing in popularity - indeed even Ecozone above produce their own - and they are definitely the way forward if you are looking for a 100% natural means of washing your clothes. We also love that you can add your own essential oils to the nuts and essentially create your own laundry fragrance! You simply add some of the nuts to the cotton bag, pop it on top of your washing and start the machine as normal. Each lot of nuts can be used 2-3 times before you can recycle them in your food waste bin! Love. 


A popular supermarket choice, Ecocover promote 'powerful cleaning inspired by nature's genius without the chemical nasties' and are BUAV Leaping Bunny certified. We should point out that Ecover are NOT vegan however, as there was recent controversy when The Vegan Society withdrew their vegan status on the range due to the company testing their products on a form of water flea. 


(..can you tell we MIGHT like Astonish?!) The Astonish cleaning range is HUGE, and not only are they Vegan and BUAV Leaping Bunny certified, the product price points are incredibly affordable - most only cost £1!. They are also available at a multitude of outlets and is increasing all the time - hurrah for cruelty free cleaning! 
Can you recommend any more products to add to our cruelty free cleaning arsenal!?
Team White Rabbit xx 
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