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The Vegan Kind Subscription Box - April review

Since subscription boxes launched in the UK on a large scale a few years ago, a whole host of different services have emerged, covering everything from coffee to perfume to bow ties, allowing customers to discover new products and brands - all from one convenient, monthly box! 
The Vegan Kind Subscription Box is, as the same suggests, a box offering a mixture of vegan only lifestyle products - be it foodstuffs, beauty products, candles, cleaning products and so on. 
Priced at £10.00 a month (with £3.15 postage), your box is guaranteed to contain between 5-8 products with a retail value of at least £10 - although often (as you will see from the products below!) this is a lot more, and the majority of products are full size. 10p from each box sold is donated to a different charity each month, which we think is a lovely idea. 
They also offer a quarterly beauty box priced at £15 - if discovering vegan makeup and skincare is your thing, this could be for you! - and the opportunity to buy past boxes.
Each box comes with a collectible vegan recipe card (subscribe for 6 months and you'll receive a handy little binder to put said recipe cards in!) and a cover sheet detailing each product and the chosen charity for the month.
We couldn't wait to dive in and see what was inside!
Eat Real Hummus Chips - Chilli & Lemon Flavour, RRP £0.85 (approx.)
We were a tad wary of these, as lemon/citrus in food isn't our favourite, but these are IMMENSE! The bag contents are deceptively big - you could easily share them between two people, or split them over a couple of days - and they definitely have a good 'kick' from the chilli. Already we're eyeing up the other flavours, available from stockists such as Holland & Barrett or Tesco - look for them in the 'Free From' aisles. 
Greedie Goddess Mango, Passionfruit & Carrot Smoothie Bites, RRP £0.79
Little bites of fruit and vegetables that have been pureed and freeze dried, this is an excellent on-the-go snack and means of uping your fibre intake - minus any preservatives, dairy, lactose, wheat, gluten or added sugar!
Bakedin Chocolate Mug Brownie Mix, RRP £4.95 for 4 
We hold our hands up and say we haven't tried this as yet, but we were so excited to find it in the box, as mug 'cakes' are something we've been meaning to try for ages - and now we have no excuse not to! With the brownie mix already, er, mixed up, all you need to do is add (vegan) butter and water, microwave for 60 seconds and ta-da! Brownie in a mug!
Clearspring Snack Organic - Tamari Roasted Soya with Tomato & Herb, RRP £0.99
We love the convenience of individually packed snacks - especially before/after the gym, for example - and we're always willing to try out new ones! These are really tasty, and are the ideal healthy solution to those hunger pangs!
Vego Nougat Pralines, RRP - TBC!
Not hiding it: there was literally squeals of delight when these were spotted in the box! The newest product from the makers of the famous Vego Hazelnut chocolate bar, these are perfect little bite sized chunks of heaven - even the most ardent milk-chocolate lovers in the Entrepreneurial Spark office couldn't deny they are amazing!
Humblestuff Lemon Myrtle Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray, RRP £5.00
Another - full sized! - product that we were really pleased to see in the box, as we've tried Humblestuff products before and loved them. Handmade, natural, vegan and made in Glasgow - what's not to love?!
What do you think? Have you tried TVK boxes, or would you possibly consider it now?
We love them and think it is an excellent means of discovering amazing vegan brands and products!
Team White Rabbit xx 
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